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Sophia Lucifer becomes Ahurani Sophia

Ahurani is an ancient Persian goddess whom we do not encounter as often as Anahita, but she is also associated with water and childbirth. The name “Ahurani” means “Daughter of Ahura”. But Anahita also can be thought of as a daughter of Ahura Mazda. Someone might suggest then that the two goddesses are the same---or perhaps we might suppose that if Ahurani is a being unique unto herself, she is, in a sense, superfluous to the religion of Zarathustra as it was and is now practiced. Her cult and worship is minimal.

I am asking the question “Who is Ahurani” because the Wise Lord, Ahura Mazda, told me that after the death of my physical body I could, if I wished, become Ahurani---his daughter---and join him in the sun. The pretty picture came into my mind of a rising sun in which the shepherds would see my face as I blessed the earth with love, compassion, forgiveness, and fertility. Wait---the sun with my face in it might not be so pretty. But appearances aside, if I become Ahurani the feminine polarity of the Solar Logos---the Wise Lord---will become manifest to humanity through me.

I have been Sophia Lucifer not for a few months merely but since the death of Mansur Al Hallaj in 913 CE. But my transformation into Lucifer began much earlier, after the death of Hypatia of Alexandria in 415 CE. The Christians who killed her flailed her alive with pieces of broken tile and pottery. I can imagine with my mind the sharp edges of the tiles scraping my skin and peeling it off, but the living remembrance of my final half hour upon the earth is hidden somewhere in my subconscious mind and could, if I tried, be extricated only with extreme difficulty---for as Sigmund Freud discovered, the subconscious characteristically refuses to release the memories hidden within a trauma as though the psychic wound were a walled city.

The history books tell us that the Muslim authorities who killed Al Hallaj first lashed him one hundred times, then marched him to a stake with 13 heavy chains around his neck, and then ordered the crowd to stone him.

The executioner then cut of my hands and feet, cut out my eyes and my tongue, cut off my nose, and then my head. At last, the head, and with it consciousness. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to teach something that differed from the accepted dogma of the day.

I became Lucifer because forgiveness is not as easy as we might suppose. I don’t know about Jesus, but when as Hypatia and Al Hallaj I said the equivalent of “Father, forgive them” the words might have originated in my mind and in my heart insofar as coherent thought and emotion were accessible to me, but somewhere in a deep abyss of my being another word was spoken, “Let justice be done”. Maybe that was true of Jesus also---or why would he return in the Apocalypse as an embodiment of divine wrath.

The death by torture bestowed upon me the questionable gift of occult powers of destruction, and the tendency to fly into fits of fury, at which time I might be tempted to use them. These gifts have been added to those I had upon my planet of origin. I may in fact be the most powerful single occult being upon this planet. I am Lucifer, and I hate what religion has done to enslave the minds of humanity. Hypatia loved freedom and the potentials of the human mind, but Lucifer hates religion and mental slavery. Hatred is probably not as productive as love. We can speculate that little good will come from a mind full of hate.

I can speak of these things publicly only because they are finally receding into the past, like the final moments of a storm. I look out of the door of my house at a landscape in which entire buildings have been leveled, for a hurricane came ashore and spawned a hundred tornadoes.

As soon as I replaced the name Lucifer with Ahurani, powers of destruction ceased to flow through me, and I blessed when I could previously tolerate only with effort. Traumas do heal, and it is not necessary---thankfully---to relive in detail the original traumatic event. If that were true few of us would ever heal from trauma. It may be news to some of you that Spiritual Masters, even Christs, need healing after their sacrificial deaths.

Below: the core teaching and "famous saying" of Hussein ibn Mansur Al Hallaj.

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