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Sotry of Isaac and the unknown black lady with strangers that cockblock return

So I finally got my smartlink phone- ttook 5 weeks. It came with tons of technical and spiritual bugs all over it. A ton of noxious energy vampires unloaded in the house to "watch" me make phone calls. My old friend from JBS came and picked me up to go to Hornell, a bunch of the "pan " people decided to try to TAKE me out - morally and spirutally because I didn't have contacts in.

ALso made a direct phone call to hell to lodge complaint about overbearing fat and stupid woman that follows me everywhere - definitely got through but then a ton of them fell down in my house and knowcked my connection out. 

\Hooked up to several new ACTUal friends in Buffalo and NYC 

Some kind of africnm "perspn" who wants to stir my stomach appeared in bedroom , says it has to STAY until it gets done talking and doesn't care what damage it does to TIME or anytone Spirtually mentally or physically. So than ones going to take a big shitter soon.

Male familiar is very hostile and sick of the foreign beings in my body, he is very protective but we are going to not physically touch for a couple months so they can go back to trash digging like they previously were.

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