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This is a follow up to my “Spirit Animal” blog post. It gives two examples of traveling in the astral plane as your spirit animal, in this case a bat. By the way, last night I encountered an interesting creature on the astral plane. It was the cross between an ivy and a crow. (This brings up another interesting subject, using a plant as your alter-ego.) If you got too close to the plant the crow part would peck you with it’s beak and cause a severe infection. If you lived through the infectious disease you earned the right to wear a certain tattoo. Anyways, here are the bat excursions I promised you.

There are traditional beliefs in Mexico, that for a person to safely pass into hostile territory while dreaming, they must take the form of an animal. This is by-no-means a guaranty that your presence will go undetected, but in certain cases it is most helpful. When your soul travels during dreams, there is always a chance that it can be captured and not return to your physical body. To illustrate this point, I will present two dream time tales, one in which being a bat helped, and one in which being a bat failed to hide my presence.

I was traveling at night down a dark-dusty road. My path was blocked by a female witch who wished to do me harm. She herself transformed into a bat to hide her presence. I grabbed a handful of bats to hide my scent and became one of them. I was then able to continue my journey down the road without being detected by the witch.

In another case, being a bat was little help in disguising my true nature. I flew into an Underworld cave as a bat. Camazotz, an Underworld bat entity, detected my presence and cut the ethereal cord that connects the soul to the body. When this cord is cut, it makes it difficult for the soul to return to the body. Sensing that my cord had been cut, I circled around Camazotz on my return and reconnected to my cord above the point it had been cut. I didn't leave the Underworld by myself. Twelve other souls that had been trapped by Camazotz followed me out of the Underworld. After escaping the Underworld, and returning to our human forms, dissension fell upon the group and the others that had returned with me from the Underworld became very ugly. They became so ugly that I didn't want to look at them. We then dispersed and went our separate ways. Whatever discord they brought to their destinations was ugly.

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