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The mother, the father and the holy Planets. Depictions of the gods and the chakras

To understand the chakras one has to understand the sky. When we look into the sky, we see the two luminaries Sun and moon, the father and the mother, soul and body. Then we also have the smaller planets, each corresponding to a different chakra or aspect of the soul. These planets or "moving stars" are the children of the sun. They are the fires of the candlestick, sparks or seamen... (male seeds) that enter into the womb of the mother (behind the moon) and she get's impregnated with the light of the sun, to birth them in a new cycle, under a different house or constellation. So actually these are aspects of the brain/mind (sun), working in different parts of the body. They are the glands connected to the tree of life, or spine as the middle pillar between ida (rising) and pingala (falling), like a lightning strike first rising from the ground and then falling back down. The symbolism of the mother goddess is present in many cultures. Muslims worship her as allat/allah. She also is depicted in male form, because the female seed can bear male children, still containing female aspects (x-chromosome). Muslims travel around the cube like planets turning around the sky and then kiss the metallic vulva to be born again, reappearing from behind the moon. In sumeria the goddess ninhursag (hursag=mountain) is described as ninti, goddess of the rib, or crescent moon, wife to dumuzid, the bull, or ishtar and the god baal. In the bible, You again have eve, as mother, born by the rib/crescent.

When we go back to sumeria, the Sun god shamash is entering the abyss (apsu) and returning between the twin mountain/moon or Sun crescent. In south america, the kogi also have a holy twin peaked Mountain, and their water goddess aluna.

"Ancient Mesopotamian cultures associated moon gods with control of fresh and salt water and rain. These ancient cultures connected the interaction between the moon and water when they observed that the phases of the moon were accountable for the ebb and flow of the tides. The foam or spume on the waves became equated with foamy ejaculate. The ancients surmised that since the moon god controlled the ebb and flow of spume, he must also control the ebb and flow of human spume or ejaculate.  Ancient cultures viewed fertility as a male dominated role. Because ova were unknown,  women were regarded as vessels which held the ejaculate or seed until it matured. Because, these cultures believed that the moon god controlled human spume, he was worshiped as a fertility god."

We again have a depiction of the god/angel helel/venus with the moon god hilal/"sickle". In modern myths He is called lucifer and he was the annointed cherub, who was sitting on the throne (the moon) of heaven. The annointed serpent here is the male seed of the sun (morning star) fertilizing the moon. Other depictions are quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent (like isaiah; the winged fiery serpent). In other religions he is Shukra (a fertility god) or Aphrodite, goddess of love, with aphros being the "watery foam" waves are making.

Togeither these gods are one or the elohim/el-hayim because they are the body of god.

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