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A submerged universe a life that is happening in the past and in the future.woven into this a perception vision of sentiment a definite meaning action reaction intelligence and stupidity the gullible clerical lays down a part of society ineffable curtain makes reaction of particular ideas.taunted by cruel infants forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified Him and the criminals, one on the right and the other on the left.they cast lots, dividing up His garments among themselves. 35And the people stood by, looking on. And even the rulers were sneering at Him, saying, "He saved others; let Him save Himself.characteristic of these creatures their revenge infects the very fabric masses became insane with disease this made the people kill teachers in facing their own fears, a multitude there are only so many places on earth like a spider web threads that anchor,dreams are living forms touching the universal force to regenerate a static field held within the bone structures,dreams are living forms touching the universal force to regenerate a static field held within the bone structures good consumption or an external force same question the spirit exists or it is a form of your imagination,we all go to the same place when dreaming.separate serpent oriented filaments a thread of ectoplasm while dreaming the soul bubble channels energy into the crystal bone structure which acts like a battery in turn regenerating our bio static death the same thing happens etched into my conscious mind those gates cherished touch a river toward some common vision of a fountain corridor platform, we react and feed on sunlight by soul definition a breakdown of existence the very life spark within us relative motion spiritual acceleration binary fusion royal twins an illumination,a seed of flight a vessel of progression,emblems of survival third eye trances sacred dances moon rise chanting.

this god like entity why live in such close proximity preaching like an alien angel haunted by rebirth and animation a spider requiem that point of light definition how the soul is fashioned seems as we are but a stream that re-returns breathing tributary scientists love to argue very rarely understand anything so create alternate explanations.mortal garment sewn up eyes of existent binary elements pulse code of forever parchments woven into mass inventions all living forms uttering a same electrical variation corded by a universal force setting planets into motion that light that made the sun to be begotten uderlying theme of atomic explosions beneath superficial interpretation thunder lightning source of all religions it defines invisible infinite power that even parallel energy reminding sunlight fashioning childhood memory who is the master of creation reaching as a personality lunacy moon stories monumental thatchers political  homage to dictation to speak clearly about understanding social attitudes a stock market assimilation to be so dam material whatever happened to close proximity the air of destiny that pathway so familiar trodden by travelers who have always been a reason for rebirth calling us back to earth misery cosmology cause and effect cosmetic appearance affinity of negative and positive forces critical mind so very dangerous lessons of sentence clerical invention or exhibiting clinical depression 

misinterpretation metamorphism tuned by frequency variations held latent as battery field generation so was the sleep ritual once a type of prayer the origins of ball games a round vessel that game of opuses Apostles that mapped out the twelve tribes fragmented formations rock personifications the power of our heart beats thunder lightning to have understanding in how our brains decode sunlight so within the fabric of energy is a timeless message creation story saying this crystal mountain is where the spark of life first started on this planet which is the center of the universe just as the earth is flat as a matter of forms create antimatter when dreaming this regenerates the bio static field within bone crystal with each heart beat a battery photo synthesis soul formation third eye meditation natural function a machine entity is bound by gravity and shall not progress past a media experiment to time travel the entire planet must become a vessel that apostle horizon galleon of all that exists royal ship ancient worship a variant progressive element that is life or how living forms stay alive accelerated gravity field escaping by photosynthesis into the Earth's magnet envelope a field surrounding our planet which is also the realm of dead

Plato held that this tripartite soul is a condition of my health or why i am online talking to strangers the usual symptoms but kind of worse that is life some suffer more than others a constant cycle- being trapped in a human body, and then escaping the body at death to return to the 憆ealm of the forms? and back to a human body, and so on ad infinitum- as the soul is both eternal and immutable. His student Aristotle contested this viewpoint, claiming instead that soul and body were inseperable- an early materialist stance- the soul being a component of the body, helping to keep it alivethe mystery of decay and atomic fusion degenerating atoms mutations nothing is teachers have ceased to exist given the mass density of this present age an extinction the earth was once not tilted and rotated much faster mechanical spirit writing do that or the other travel to the horizon and then cross over into the light relative motion spiritual acceleration binary fusion royal twins an illumination a seed of flight a vessel of progression emblems of survival third eye trances sacred dances moon rise chanting forgotten sciences age old mystics,it was a machine process the abbey was ruined during the the favor of some cosmic ray of light river that continues at a gate we all travel to each time dreaming as a kindering cinder bio nature static calcium crystallization metamorphism tuned by frequency variations held latent as battery field generation so was the sleep ritual once a type of prayer the reason living forms sleeps to create the soul vessel as in photosynthesis this regenerates the bio static field which is held within the bones that act like a battery,to think bones are a kind of crystal held within is all our ancestry shredded sacrament blood oath enactment sardonic idiotic statements factual documents a psychic weapon soul evolution how things happen spinal life spark time travel a point of origin event horizon reciprical determinism a convex prism,third eye acceleration forgotten religions pearls of wisdom a galleon apon the horizon reflex survivol domesticate nuances to kill then be haunted exhibited by characteristic eternity is unstable and taken for granted this planet has only formed nine times before and not always with humans\sequenced holostic integrative conception genes are cloned and proteins are characterized morphogenetic fields work by imposing patterns on otherwise random or indeterminate patterns of activity morphic resonance, conveying a collective instinctive memory.regeneration an illumination vessel for saints and oddities ,consciousness gradually build up a Karmic debt which will haunt f we allow the reverse of positive constructive trial and error, to re-polarize a jewel of numberless dealing with mathematics remain constant different interpretations unprecedented magnitude world-shaking catastrophe within living memory shifting of the earth's polarity is known as the precisions of the Equinoxes and the complete precess takes twenty-five thousand years to cover the twelve Zodiacal signs and as its cleansing rays sweep outwards, it sears and discomforts all those who are in disharmony with the spiritual knowledge which it brings. It fills them with the foreboding of disaster and many more detach themselves and walk fearlessly into the light.into a dark pillar or column, and many of those within its dark circle are filled with fear and are quarreling amongst themselves urging one thing and some another,which manifests itself as a swirling mass of rainbow colors back to the original point in the divine plan when error or evil originated that would parody all commands so that Man would not know what was right and what was wrong claim that instruments have been constructed akin to radio sets, which can produce the phenomena of mechanical medium ship. They can, it is claimed, produce voices and all kinds of communication with the spirit world  

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