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"Stay if you will. Leave if you must." A good spell to get haunted!

Years ago, a regular client of mine asked for help on behalf of his employee. The employee's house was terribly haunted and his wife had just had a baby. The couple wanted to have their place blessed so it would be a much safer haven for raising their future children.

So while I agreed to help, the moment I walked into their home, the hair on my arms stood up. I had the creepie-crawlies tingling up and down from my scalp to my toes. It was a physical reaction I had never experienced before at the other homes where I performed clearing rituals. Yet more unexpectedly, I would get to see a metaphysical creature I had never seen before.

Let's back up a few steps

As I walked about the home to determine what work I needed to do to make this home feel safe and inviting to loved ones, I soon realized that I had not brought enough herbs and stones for to address the haunting problems. What's more, it seemed rather apparent that this job was going to require the power of three to get the entities to leave! Yet before I called my witchy friends for house-clearing backup, I kept having a nagging feeling that the man of the house had invited these metaphysical critters into the home.

These were not normal ghosts. They were not "lived-as-human-in-the-past" types of beings. These creatures were just a little taller than knee-high. The sort of entities you might see depicted in fiction as faeries, especially as drawn in the Spiderwick movie. Soon as I had peeked into the attic, a 2-1/2 feet tall faerie-type creature made a very fast run at me like a silver-back gorilla. It was enough to make my heart start but before he could reach me, *pop,* he disappeared from view.

Now I'll admit, at the time, I did not know what sort of being it was that I'd just seen. What I did know is spirits can steal our energy if they frighten us enough to get our hearts pounding. Hearts are the power source of our body sending blood and electricity through our muscles and veins.

So I calmed myself down very quickly, reminding myself that I was safe. I had taken my ritual baths for this job and connected with my spirit allies and I was carrying a protective mojo bag. With such pre-planning, I had also cleared many homes of negative energy and spirits before. I felt highly qualified to be there, when every home I'd cleared before had ended successfully with the haunting either wildly diminished or completely gone.

Banishing powers are noticeably stronger when three individuals combine efforts

Still needing the power of three, I called my sister and before I could tell her anything about the home that I was in, she said: "The man who lives in that house invited those entities in!" After our conversation, I then called a friend who also spontaneously blurted: "The man of the house invited the entities in."

With those two phone calls giving credibility to my own sense of intuition, I approached the man of the house but he utterly denied having anything to do with attracting the entities into his home. Fortunately, with the power of three, we were still able to clear and bless that home (and years later I was hired back to bless their home once again after another new baby was born into the family).

It was a full two years that had passed since meeting that short but challenging metaphysical creature in the attic before I had other experiences that convinced me that I knew exactly what it was. I also finally understood that the man of the house really did not think he was lying when he said he did not invite any entities in.

Because we had remained friends online, I was able to approach him with my theory for how he had been at fault for the initial home haunting. I explained that when witches cast a circle, if they invite the elemental spirits to stay after the ritual, by saying "Leave if you must, stay if you will," the elementals can make themselves rightfully comfortable by haunting that home.

Suddenly, reality dawned on the homeowner and he admitted the accusation I made years before suddenly made a lot of sense to him. It surely made a lot of sense to me!

My conclusion? Whenever ending a ritual, witches should say something more clear like "hail and farewell," to any elemental spirits that they called forth when casting their circle. Be confident about asking them to leave, knowing you are doing the right thing, and while the elementals will come running to help again the next time you want to ask them to help with your magical work, your home won't become haunted in the meantime.

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Comment by Enigma on August 9, 2018 at 2:34pm

I just started reading this and I like it already. Let me go finish.

Comment by SunTiger on August 9, 2018 at 6:30pm

Very cool. Hope you liked it after you were complete. :-D

Comment by Spiralmatrix on August 9, 2018 at 7:07pm

makes sense.

Comment by SunTiger on August 9, 2018 at 7:40pm

So often, when we are exploring uncharted territory, as with spirit possession,  the best we can do is observe and then make a working hypothesis based on logic and theories that make sense. At least that's how I approach my work.  

Comment by Spiralmatrix on August 9, 2018 at 8:13pm

have you ever read a book called The Llewellyn Practical Guide To Psychic Self Defense - Melita Denning;Osborne Phillips (2nd edition)? its helpful too.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 10, 2018 at 6:55am

I've had a few encounters with the paranormal one was rather entertaining,it was when I was flatting in my teens and we had a child spirit in my wardrobe,she'd swing on the bar kicking the wall with her feet,in the end she wore the wallpaper away with her feet..she played these games with us all for almost 5yrs,and she cost us some money too.. getting the house checked for bad plumbing as when she'd knock on the walls it sounded like blocked pipes or a air lock banging on the floor boards...

But were these wood elf or fae?..I've seen wood elf and took a photo of them as they made contact with me after many years of walking in their region..they are totally none aggressive,and are actually rather shy & hide,but you can hear them rushing around in the undergrowth..where as the fae can appear aggressive to humans,shape-shift too.. but they really are only playing with us,they like to keep us on our toes & on edge. Here's a photo I took of the wood elf I share space with,first is the 'Archer' with his bow & arrows on his back and the 'Warlocks' or watchers as I call them there are two of them,one is like a ancient wizard.....can you see them?..if not I will help & point them out to you..

Comment by SunTiger on August 12, 2018 at 5:47pm

Spiralmatrix ~ I'm not sure what that book has to do with this posting? (You'll have to expand on what you meant.) 

Enercia Sui Generis ~ Fascinating experiences you have had! I'm not seeing the woodland spirits you speak of in the photo. Perhaps you can point them out?  My experiences with woodland spirits would seem to support what you are saying about friendliness but I have felt very strongly not to step in certain places for respect of sacred places in the woods. I've only seen woodland entities visually with shifting mists of humanoid-shaped clouds that seemed to follow me around but I felt their presence very strongly.     

Comment by Spiralmatrix on August 12, 2018 at 6:52pm

the title should be self evident regarding why id bring it up given the topic.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on August 13, 2018 at 12:32am

1.The 'Watcher' in his fern frond woven cloak

2.  The 'Wizard' with his pointed hat, cloak & holding a tree

3. The 'Archer' with his bow in his hands, arrows over his shoulder with his wild dark hair,light linen shirt & black pants


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