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I'm the youngest of three and for obvious reasons the undisputed black sheep. No apologies there. I'm meant to be like I am even if that doesn't sit well with those closest to me. Thing is I tend to be honest about myself. Careful but honest. Can't exactly say everything that crosses my mind being surrounded by bible thumpers day in and day out. They are the majority though aren't they? Most simply clinging to what they have been force fed for years. Their right and everyone needs somthing to believe. No matter it's form faith is essential to exsitence it's self afterall. That said I tend to get itchy whenever I see someone disrespecting faith. Any faith. People will run their mouthes true. That isn't much of an issue to me. It's the sort that get up on their pulpit and sneer down, high and holy. All while at the same time playing pretend. No idea in that swollen head of what anything at all means let alone faith. Alright(deep breath) time to put this little rant of mine to bed. It had been wanting to get out foor awhile so there it is. I'll try to get back to my usual rambling tomorrow. Until then folks be true to yourselves. Blessings.

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