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Strawberry Moon has an official Webpage now in addition to our other means of communication... so now there is no reason not to stay in touch :P Each of our pages provides different information and a different level of involvement, from personal to online only. Sign up for one or all of them to keep up on our goings on and newest information.

We look for our Beltane Site to be operational within the next week, it will be the webpage that is most recommended for our Annual Beltane Ceremony.

Our blog has vital information about Lessons, Volunteering, Sabbats and Rituals, meetup is exceptional for knowing exactly when and how many people will be attending different gatherings the website allows members to easily communicate and find out the newest plans for Strawberry Moon and Facebook is perfect if your just looking to test the waters.

Either way we provide people with multiple levels of involvement via the internet, you don't have to make a long term commitment but you can stay in touch. We are trying to bridge communities and make a more dependable St. Louis and Metro Area for Pagans. So please join us on one or all the sites and lets do something worth wild!

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