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Sumerian Creation myth/ ripples of water

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Comment by Midrash on May 31, 2018 at 2:08am

Comment by Midrash on May 31, 2018 at 2:27am

"The Assyrian word Mummu is probably connected with the Hebrew noino, confusion, and one of its equivalents is Umun, equal to the Hebrew pan noise or tumult. Beside the name of the chaotic deep called oinn in Genesis, which is, as I have said, evidently the Tiamat of the Creation text, we have in Genesis the word inn, waste, desolate, or formless, applied to this chaos. This appears to be the tehuta of the Assyrians a name of the sea-water (" History of Assurbanipal," p. 59) ; this word is closely connected with the word tiamat or tamtu, the sea. The correspondence between the inscription and Genesis is here complete, both stating that a watery chaos preceded the creation, and formed, in fact, the origin and groundwork of the universe. We have here not only an agreement in sense, but, what is rarer, the same word used in both narratives as the name of this chaos, and given also in the account of Damascius. Berosus has certainly the slightly different form Thalatth, with the same sense however, and it might be suspected that this word was a corruption of Tiamat, but the Babylonian word is read Tiamtu, Tiamat, and Tisallat, which last is more probably the origin of the word Thalatth of Berosus.
Next we have in the inscription the creation of the gods Lahma or Lahmu, and Lahama or Lahamu ; these are male and female personifications of motion and production, and correspond to the Dache and Dachus of Damascius, and the moving nn, wind, or spirit of Genesis. The next stage in the inscription gives the production of Sar or Ilsar, and Kisar, representing the upper expanse and the lower expanse, and corresponding to the Assorus and Kissare of Damascius. The resemblance in these names is probably closer than here represented, for Sar or Ilsar is generally read Assur as a deity in later times..."


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