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The four Elements are called to bear witness to the rite taking place
and to guard the circle.
Their calling can be as simple or complex
as one wishes.
Again words are unimportant, you have to speak to
the elements with love, warmth and respect in your heart.
NORTH ~ Element of Earth and Winter ~ stones, rocks, trees,
gnomes, dryads, all creatures that live beneath the earth.

EAST ~ Element of Air and Spring ~ the sky, the winds,
all flying creatures.

SOUTH ~ Element of Fire and Summer ~ flames, volcanoes,
mighty dragons and all fire breathing creatures.

WEST ~ Element of Water and Autumn ~ seas, lakes, rivers,
streams, waterfalls, all creatures of the waters.


Any ritual or magickal working wouldn't be effective at all with out the
love, guidance, support, protection of the Lord and Lady.
They have many names
but they are always the
Goddess and the God.

Call them from you heart, love them and honour them.
Be honest, be respectful never insult them because they
love and care for you.
Always remember to
thank them.


White ~ for any new venture or relationship
Red ~ for fertility, sexual matters and survival issues
Orange ~ for independence and confidence
Yellow ~ for career, any creative adventure and for money
Green ~ for love, relationships and health
Blue ~ for travel, success in exams and study
Violet or Indigo ~ for inner happiness and psychic awareness
Pink ~ for reconciliation
Brown ~ for home and home moves, or any practical matter
Black ~ for protection

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