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Come with me this morning and we will take a walk through the yard and into my beloved forest. As we start off the temperature is in the 80's and party cloudy skies. There is a little breeze blowing and the humidity is pretty high. I do see off into the distance some thunderheads that means storms later today. I made a slideshow to share with you. Just click on the slideshow at the end to come along with me.

As we enter the forest, we stop and listen to the birds beautiful song. Robins, Red Cardinals and Carolina Chickadee all sound so happy. We look up into the trees and we see my little fat squirrel buddy clambering around up in the canopy. The sun shinning through the trees makes for a beautiful pattern on the forest floor and when the breeze blows, you can just see the blue sky through the tree tops. you hear that? Way off in the distance......yes!.....its the call of a wild turkey. Sometimes you can get lucky and hear the gobbler answering her call. Oh, now we hear a tree frog hollering for rain.

We continue on and stop to look at the wild roses still in bloom with their wonderful scent that the modern tea rose lacks. Just about another week and the wild roses will be over until next Spring. We have the pink, dark pink and white varieties here. Now.....take a deep breath.....smell that?......that is the faint smell of honeysuckle.

Walking on we stop to look at the interesting bark of some of the trees. River Birch and Persimmon. Over there is a beautiful lichen moss growing.  Oh do you hear that woodpecker? He is building a new nest for him and his mate.

Now we top the hill and see the first glimpse of the pond. Oh my, how beautiful it looks with the sun shinning over the smooth as glass surface. The surface shimmers like a million diamonds! We walk over to the pond and sit down on a fallen tree. We close our eyes and just be. Clearing our minds we notice how clearer the bird calls sound as well as the wonderful smell of the forest. We take a deep breath and just meditate. Sometimes when I open my eyes after sitting awhile in meditation, I find a little gift the spirits have left. Might be a pretty stone, or a beautiful leaf or a perfect pinecone. I always treasure these gifts and bring them home to place in my special treasure box.

It's time to start back home and back to reality.

Thank you for walking with me today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.





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