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Taking On Our Fair Amount of Planetary Work By- Mike j Hughes

I would like to share a few things to cheer you up midst this infernal civilization . Humanity will get it right and manifest all the Human Potential can be here on earth.
I believe in reincarnation , the Law of Karma never errors . So many people today are reexamining their lives in the Light of an ever greater Soul Contact and Self Awareness
I learned long ago that Meditation is more or less a scientific method of coming into contact with ones inner Divinity,...or- if you like ,- ''The Titan ''within.
Now here is where I get a little ''Cryptozoic''........According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings . We all have hundreds of thousands of incarnations behind us all, , and ''the masses have as yet a long ways to go, and we are just over half-way there now.
A ll have had thousands of lives during the Atlantean 4th Root Race. This root race lasted 12 millions of years.
Before the Atlantean Root Race there was the Lemuria Civilization They were the early Animal- man.
I think I'm getting ''off topic''
That Inner Greatness is going to have a cycle , and a series of lives on earth where they become well known as a Scientist , musician , Yoga , Education ,Occultist , Psychology , Poet , .There is a memory bank of all our past Lives , and the Knowledge, Wisdom acquired through eons of time .
Our Aspiration has taken many to ''Tread the Path'' and take the first step into another Kingdom on the level of the Soul.
Countless thousands of lives to come. Some will be hard , some will be cherished , some will go to war during the Great War in the middle of the Capricorn Age .
That Great Titan has awoken in some people in this the present incarnation is set towards famous and wealth, with each and every incarnation , some lives will be shity .
Meditation will soon be practised by every Human being alive. This will be so when the 'Great Mystery Schools' and the Externalizing of the Guides of the Race and their respective ashrams ,Ashrams, 7 in number.
The World now is on a very dangerous course . We are not at ''point of no return'' as of yet , but we could go down that road ,.........yet , the Great Brotherhood From other parts of our Solar System can , and will dis-able all missiles in 1.5 seconds.!
Due to advanced Spiritual Growth over the last 10.000 years , and the great suffering that has produced so many Adepts due, to very long cycles of suffering and an agony of mind that has speed ed up our spiritual evolution to a tremendous degree

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