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I have three tarot/oracle decks.
The first one I got a couple years ago is my wisdom of the house of night cards, an oracle deck, I've always been really close to her and she is very much like a brutally honest best friend to me (yes my deck is a girl, she has very feminine vibes I don't know, its weird) but she has her own personality, I guess all my cards kind of do but me and wisdom are just connected...? Especially when I just start shuffleing and my mind wanders off, the card that says "Focus" litterally flies out of the deck as if she were saying "WOULD YOU FOCUS AND JUST TELL ME WHATS ON YOU MIND!?!" I thought the first few times were a coincidence but after it happening so often.. She knows what's up.

My second deck, the gilded tarot deck, and my first tarot deck with the major and minor arcana and they are lovely and beautiful but I am so disconnected with them. It really breaks my heart because I want to be close to them but I don't know what it is, I've had them for over a year. Its been really challengeing trying to understand all the cards and meaning and I want to think that that's why I'm so disconnected from them but it's not.
Almost a week ago I came across someone who wanted to "meet a psychic" and get their fortune read. I was curious so I replied to her (this is all on an app I have) and I explained to her that I'm a witch and I have tarot and oracle cards and I asked her if she were willing to allow me to read her. She did and she gave me her questions and everything. The thing is is that this girl lives in Canada and I live in new york so we are a bit away from each other. But I used my gilded tarot deck and as I was doing the reading, she was commenting on how accurate my cards were, which I was about to die in shock because I haven't spent a lot of time doing readings and just trying to get to know each card.
But after I do her reading, I tried reading myself and for some reason it didn't work for me. And it still doesn't, but I don't know if that girl was just acting like my reading was right or if it was a one time thing or what. I'm kind of hoping someone else has had a similar experience with their cards because gilded tarot is confusing me, beautiful. But totally confusing.

And lastly my third deck, the enchanted map oracle cards. I got them over the spring when I was with my boyfriend before he left for the coast guard. And firstly I just want to say I love this deck. I love all of my cards but this deck just feels loving and nurturing, especially the first card in the deck, its called the bone collector and has this old woman sitting in a desert smileing. I don't know why but I just loveher so much I literally smile at this card every time I see it.
But this deck is... Odd, my boyfriend, who is very Christian and doesn't believe in my cards and most of my practice used my cards. I had them with me when we were going for a walk and they were in his backpack and I left them in the pocket because nothing happens to my stuff and I trust my boyfriend and I didn't think he would touch them, but he did. after he got back from work I got my cards out of his bag and they felt different, they were new to me, hardly a week with me and I don't know something changed. So I asked him if anything happened, he said he used them and I flipped.. I should have explained to him the rules with the cards but I didn't think I needed to, he didn't believe in them, he seemed scared of them.
But he used them, and even now, 7 months later the energy us different. And the cards aren't like my wisdom cards, but they are connected to me, but I seem to only be able to ask them about my boyfriend which is odd I think....? I'm not sure.

So, those are my decks and all of their weirdness. If you survived reading all of my card ramblings, I would love to hear your thoughts on my cards and experiences or any of your experiences or connections with cards.

Thank you! =^_^=

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Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 29, 2015 at 4:11am
Merry meet, I've read everything you typed. With your first card deck that is common to be connected that it can respond to you. Mine have done that before even answering a question I never asked lol.

Also, I've had experience with cards that are accurate with others but never me. I normally will keep them as to use for readings only.

The reason your other cards only do readings for your boyfriend is he touched them. I never let anyone touch my cards the reason their energy can be put into the cards. That's why you now can only use them dealing with him.

I'm actually trying to make my own deck of cards now. That way there's even more power. Though I have to admit it's hard especially since I can't draw lol.

)0( Blessed be,

Blu Autumnsnow
Comment by Kriss on January 29, 2015 at 10:58am

If you can only get accurate readings while reading other people, how can I learn the cards? I've been reading a book about the deck but I know certain cards influence each other but not totally sure which. And would you know of a way to make it so I could use my other cards for more than just my boyfriend? Also, making your own deck sounds like an awesome project! Are you going with the major and minor arcana or more of an oracle deck?
And thank you! =^_^=
)O( blessed be!

Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 29, 2015 at 11:38am
To me since you had the cards for a year if they aren't accurate it's your not close to them. Sometimes even if we lil a deck it's just not meant to be. And, I'm not sure how to get the cards your boyfriend touch back to normal. Since he already touched them I think it'll stay that way. I never dealt with that. I would suggest a cleansing of the cards aura but you might need to reconnect to them afterwards.

I'm going first with the major arcana. I got the 21 pictures of what I want to use. I just have to draw them now. I also need to find my color pencils to color them.
Comment by Kriss on January 29, 2015 at 7:15pm

Thank you! I'll try cleansing them and seeing if that works and good luck on your card making! I'm sure the cards will turn out awesome!

Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 29, 2015 at 9:59pm
You're welcome. Let me know if the cleansing works. :) And, thank you I hope they do. I mixed in Hindu gods and video games characters lol.
Comment by Kriss on January 29, 2015 at 11:31pm

Yeah, I'll let you know and that sounds amazing!!!!

Comment by Parvati Amethyst Nightshade on January 30, 2015 at 12:00am
Thank you:) and yes do let me know.


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