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Teaching at my First Con! Nerrrrvous! Show up Skyclad?

I took the plunge.  When I was sleepy in the morning without benefit of coffee to instill a little common sense into my mushy, uncaffeinated consciousness, I hit the send button and applied to teach a class at Paganicon in March. 

I'm not sure why I'm so nervous.  I've been teaching Craft classes for a while now.  And the subject matter, Crisis Intervention for Pagan Clergy, is something I know well.  I spent several years performing professional crisis interventions for a human services organization and I have been a licensed clergy person for...oh, gosh...going on 5 years now.  So I should feel confident. But I don't.  I'm nervous as all Tartarus.

I suppose it could be that when you're teaching at a Pagan festival at a camp ground there's a super laid-back feeling.  I mean, when half your students are naked and covered in body paint, it's hard to feel too much pressure to be professional.  But when you're teaching at a hotel in an auditorium-style room with a microphone and a white board, well...that's pretty nerve wracking.

So I'm gonna ask you all a favor.  If you come to the class, would you mind doing it Skyclad with a little glitter?  It would really take the pressure off.  Thanks.

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Comment by Saladman on March 11, 2012 at 11:48pm

If I were to be there, I would go and after being asked so nicely, I would be sans glitter as per my own convictions on the matter of glitter. Where is said whiteboard available? I'm usually pretty anti-dry erase marker as well, but for the subject matter that you describe, I might be willing to attend. can you believe that this post got seventeen views and no comments?!? It is ironic that i discovered this ob your birthday and you would be discussing your birthday suit.


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