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Teachings of Zangpo, Losang ( My Buddhist refugee name )

Teachings of Zangpo'Losang
3d3I is dedication, desire, discipline, integrity, intelligence, intensity a key formula for most journeys in life.
One can exist, one can survive, or o,ne can live
Foolishness is knowing truth, and choosing differently.
One repeats a ( karmic ) lesson until one learns from it.
For everyone finger one oints forward one has three pointing back.
To put one down one, one self must be down.
Impressions ( especially first ), often can not exist in a vacuum. Often they are comparative. Impressions might contain some element of truth, but might also be very far from reality
Much of what passes in the verse is clutter that prevents one from thinking for one's self. Knowledge, one recieves from books, classrooms, newspapers, radios, television, etc... are mainly the experiences, and opinions of others. One would be wise to study life, listen to others, weigh their experiences, and/or opinions, but make their own decisions.
An entity, energy etc... only have power over one if one allows it.
One of integrity realizes the verse owes one nothing.
As I continue this experience. Among the human existence. I have come to notice many things. To which possibly falls into so form of ology of the existence, consciousness, mind, and all related to.
Let us take the meeting of other beings. Many have heard the quote, “ everyone deserves a second chance.” How often does one really believe this concept? Often we do not give one a first chance. Let alone a second chance. Often enough we make decisions, and gain impressions upon previous samskaras ( impressions ), or by the experience, and/or opinion of other entities.
Rarely do we take in any kind of understanding. Understanding of the other entities, or even one's self. Rarely does one evaluate another entity let alone one's self. This prejudgment can cause one to save one's self, though more than less it can cause one to miss out.

Many of the indigenous cultures have a saying of, “ we can all walk the same road, but no one can walk the same path.” No snowflake, or zebra are exactly alike. Just like all else we are different. It is these differences that makes one's journey, life, ourselves unique.
How often does one actually sense a perfection, a perfect circle, line, square, triangle, and the likes in nature? Yet most of every human being senses so form of beauty, completeness, tranquility in nature. It might be plausible that the imperfections in life. That are beautiful, exciting, and perfect.

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