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Terrifying Nightmare or Elemental Interference? Practical Advice

I don't know if many of you suffer from nightmares, or night terrors. These are dreams that are absolutely terrifying and worse yet, the person who suffers from these usually cannot or does not have the ability to wake themselves up out of the night terror (if indeed it  is a night mare and not an elemental entity attempting to gain control over you). I still do not know.

Last night I had a terrible one. I was laying on the bed (sleeping in the position I normally sleep in) and a I saw a face and large hands. I felt a force and was unable to get up from the bed. I was literally terrified and had to gradually wish him away. I did this until I was finally able to wake myself up from the dream some time later.

If you do encounter these experiences, I would suggest trying to practice waking yourself up from these (I have used an alarm clock when they have occured in sequence, nightly at regular times). Otherwise, it is up to just practicing saying "This is just a dream or elemental interfering with my rest, please leave." and then actually wait and say it over and over again. Usually, you will wake up and all is well.

You may want to consult a health professional who can guide you through these dreams as well, I hope this helps.


Best of Luck

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