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So I have to take this one route in town - the 34 every morning! 7 days a week to my methadone clinic. Every day it seems like abunch of pans get stuck there waiting for me to entertain them! It is way too much for one person/ psychic/Satanist etc to conquer! Like I get there and every single person is on some topic that is way too intense for me in public LIKE every morning!! I mean I am on high pain meds but it still gets intolerable   sometime the shear VOLUME of clogged up people . LIke PLEASE someone get them interested in another BUS route sometimes . So yesterday I was waiting there like a bunch of weird sensations came over me and then these "people" came walking up on the bus stop... they said they LIVE IN TIME? and I don't remember STUFF THE WAY THEY DO? or something. Then I got on the wrong bus - the 5 or something. And these "people" kept like peering at me and trying force things in my head to tell me I was on the wrong bus. I mean they all caould talk like humans why didn't they just tell me with the mouth in their face I was on the wrong bus?

And the place by my methadone clinc has some kind of space left over thought etc all over the area I sit for th 34 bus.

Anyway - that and the false job-= see Lorraine Benjamin notes. Are all I have for today.

As for always - stay vigilint stay true, Keep your friends close and Your enemies closer!

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