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The Astrology Of Donald Trump: 12th House Pluto

After observing the intensity of national and potentially global phenomena as a result of Trump assuming office, I decided it was time to take a closer look at the astrology of the man who is to be at the forefront of our lives for a minimum of the next four years. Having specialized in underworld mythology it is no wonder that the topic of Pluto in Donald Trumps natal 12th house became of particular interest and concern for me.

All astrological patterns have positive and negative expressions. A placement of a particular planet in any area of a chart is not good or bad on it's own. Astrologers, myself included must constantly guard against our own biases. Combinations of astrological patterns in a natal horoscope indicate important life and karmic lessons that the individual is here on planet earth to learn. What is important to understand is that "learning" is a matter of "free will". We either choose to learn or we don't. Our choices are what dictates the best or worst case scenarios of the expression of our astrological chart patterns.

Jeff Greene, author of Pluto, the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, tells us that individuals with a 12th house natal Pluto have come into this life with the mission of learning how to dissolve barriers of separation between the ego and the universal consciousness............(To read the rest of this blog, please follow the link here to my main blog page...

The Astrology Of Donald Trump:  12th House Pluto


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