The Black Sun, an Old but Very New Symbol at the Core of the Psyche

I first posted this essay about a half year ago, and it elicited many comments and suggestions for improvement. I have now revised it in accordance with those suggestions. Since many PaganSpace members will not remember it, I thought that it wouldn't hurt to repost it.

The Black Sun.

In an interesting way symbols which belong to the psyche are perceived at first not as interior realities, but as places or objects in the physical universe. I could argue that this is simply an ignorant projection of the interior upon the exterior, except for the fact that it is not only the extrovert, who is unaware of his inner life, who is guilty of this apparent misidentification of the inner reality. The same identification of the interior as the exterior occurs relentlessly in the experience of the introvert, the initiate, the alchemist, and the shaman. It may well be that there actually is no interior and exterior, for the unconscious mind is not merely one with the earth mind, the solar mind, and the cosmic mind---but in a deeper sense it is the cosmic mind. We are separated from that mind because the ego is separate from the unconscious. The ego has every right to exist, but in its experience of separation it does not know that it is the universe.

I am aware of the Black Sun, and I know that I exist within that Sun, and that I am the Black Sun. I exist at the core of the psyche.

The Black Sun is an ancient symbol, it is a modern (20th century) symbol, and in my personal vision it has become a new symbol. The most ancient esoteric symbol systems associated the Black Sun with the planet Saturn. Some astrologers include a Black Sun in their horoscopes that is one of the two foci of the elliptical orbit of the planet Saturn. The ordinary Sun is located at one of the foci, while the other foci, the Black Sun, is an empty point in space which, in the geocentric horoscope, transits back and forth from 16 Pisces to 19 Libra (tropical) through the fall and winter signs. Sometimes the planet Saturn was associated with God. The ancient Greeks identified the Canaanite El with the planet Saturn. El was the father of the gods, much like the Hebrew El (El Elyon, El Shaddai), who was the father of the elohim. Jewish esotericists said that YHVH was Saturn.

Much later, in European literature, John Milton restated a common theme in his Paradise Lost  when he described the divine or God as "Dark with excessive bright", and this would suggest a Black Sun. In The Secret Doctrine Madam Blavatsky speaks of a Central Sun (a kind of God) at the center of our galaxy, and describes it in a way that makes us think of a black hole instead of a bright object. Many of her ideas were appropriated by volkisch-theosophical writers such as Guido von List and Peryt Shau, and ultimately by Aryan cults such as the Wotanists who came to prominence in the Third Reich. In fact, the SS symbol consisting of two runes, which to the uninitiated meant only Schutzstaffel, a special staff or military unit, to the initiate meant die Schwartze Sonne, the Black Sun. Karl Maria Wiligut, Emil Rutiger, and Werner von Bulow, who mentored or influenced Heinrich Himmler, identified the Black Sun with an extinct star that shone upon the north pole 23,000 years ago and was instrumental in the spiritual development of the Aryan race. This star, which they called Santur, was a second sun which, though invisible, still orbits the earth and still emits a powerful intelligence. The occultists called this star the "Hyperborean Sun". Further research discloses that “Santur” is the name of the hammered dulcimer of the Persians, which is also used in India. It is similar in appearance and sound to the Hungarian Cimbalom. Austrians must have been familiar with the evocative sound of the Hungarian instrument. The name “Santur” seems to suggest that the initiate experienced the presence of the Hyperborean Sun as music, which, as we know, can affect the mind in ways that language cannot. Many of my readers must have noticed that the word “Santur” is almost identical to the word “Saturn” except for the transposition of one letter. 

It is my intention to "take back" the symbols that I strongly feel were misappropriated by the Nazi occultists, and return them to humanity. The Nazi misappropriation of the symbols would be of little interest to us today, a mere footnote in history, if it were not for the fact that the Wotanists (who are really neo-Nazi occultists) are still active today as the spiritual side of the Aryan supremacy or white supremacy movement.

Below is the Black Sun design which can be found in the Wewelsburg sunwheel mosaic of the Obergruppenfuhrer Hall or SS General's Hall. This symbol contains within itself a sun wheel, three swastikas, and the stylized victory rune.

My own experience of the Black Sun is somewhat different. I did not discover it in Saturn or Santur, but in our solar system's central star, our ordinary sun. Once again a psychic reality has been inescapably "projected" upon a physical object. The idea that arose within my mind was that the light that is within the sun is not actually "light", for if we could somehow stand within the sun we would not see a dazzling brightness, but only blackness. The black light becomes the white light only when it reaches the sun's surface. I do not claim that this concept has any scientific basis, for it is essentially a vision of an psychic reality---but scientists do tell us that much of the light inside the sun is either infrared or ultraviolet. Accordingly a solar visitor would not be able to see it. Astronomers and physicists also say something very suggestive, that a photon that emerges from the core of the sun requires either 10,000, 40,000, or 100,000 years to reach the surface of the sun, depending upon which scientist we read. When it reaches the surface of the sun it requires only eight minutes to reach the earth. This is because the density of the matter in the sun can be as much as 150 times as great as that of water. The journey of the photon involves untold billions of collisions with other photons, and gamma waves are constantly being absorbed and re-radiated.

For much of our history the ordinary sun has been a symbol of God or a god, or in some cultures, a goddess. The familiar line from the poem by Robert Browning, "God's in his Heaven, All's right with the world" evokes the image of a day in which the sun at the zenith of its path gazes down upon us through a cloudless blue sky. For a moment the terrors of the night are forgotten, and it almost seems as though we could forget that there is a night. A single moment later the sun begins its long descent toward the western horizon. The sense that there is no night is very fleeting.

The blackness of the interior of the sun (as an archetype) invites us to become aware that within consciousness (the sun) is an unfathomable unconsciousness. The sun as a god would appear to know himself, but as the Black Sun it (she) does not know itself (herself) and is, in the end, utterly unknowable. At its core the sun, in a term familiar to theosophists, consists of "mother matter". Once again, the idea of "mother matter" describes a psychic, not necessarily a physical reality. This core, in my vision, is not different from the core of the galaxy, the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, which you may see in the picture below. In the core space does not exist and the two centers are the same center. This black hole is four million times as massive as our sun. In the black hole the Mother is destructive and consumes the light, while in the sun the Mother is creative and gives birth to light. It is the same Mother. It is the same Mother in every galaxy and in every star. That is the science, that is my image, and that is the archetype. That is the Mother of the universe.

As an endnote I would like to post an artist's conception of the CID-947 supermassive black hole that is literally "consuming" its own galaxy. The CID-947 black hole has an estimated size of 7 billion suns.



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