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The Brief Story of How I Met One of My Guardians

One night, I had a dream. I was in a darker sea than ours, and the water felt different from our water. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear this roaring noise (louder than would happen in our ocean). I turn my head and this gigantic creature comes roaring up to me, stops within inches of my own body, and flings its wings out in a magnificent and awe inspiring display. The wings flung out with ease, which I do not think can be done easily in our water. This guardian came from another world. And that was the day, without a doubt, I knew that this other place was home. I was terrified at first, but, since then, I have grown to love them and see past their terrifying appearance. And, when I am with them, I know I am touching a part of my past, and I am safe and home. 

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