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The mythological / personified Bad & Evil of the World is THEATRE!
Pure theater!


Consider this, if all Atoms/Elemental-Matter never dies and never ends because in fact, they only always simply change, transform and they can even be and exist at two or more different places/locations at once...
The souls of all Creation bear the sacred Nature of Infinite and Eternal Evolution which belongs and it comes from the eternal and infinite Source of All, Fountain of all Life & Existence, the Ultimate Supreme Being (which I prefer to call) "CREATRESS" GODDESS a.k.a. ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL MOTHER NATURE a.k.a. GREAT MOTHER GODDESS, a.k.a. MOST ANCIENT ANCESTRESS, etc...

Then it is logical, reasonable, intelligent and wise to think that nothing ever gets destroyed permanently, nothing ever dies nor ends permanently... \Because all Destruction, all Damages, all Harm, All the Unpleasant, all the Ugly, all the ill, all the Broken, all the bad, all the evil are but temporary and much alike as a flash in the pan, because all, everything, all Species and everybody, they all are made of infinite and eternal Changes.


So why do we fear that what we are made of?

Because some idiots told us so, I mean the world 1% minority elite of business, political/gov and religious hustlers who actually invented / made up all the pure rubbish/nonsense that causes very much all the problems and bad times for most of the world populations, for most of all Species who have to share this planet with us.

So when I think of the Mythologies of the world big and rich mainstream Religions, I think, it is theater, nothing more than theatre, folks!!!

If there are many lifetimes, if nothing really ends, what is it the big deal with all the bad/evil nonsense?
- The answer is, it is Theater.

No offense meant at all !!! But it is what it is, nothing more than mythologies a.k.a. big religions and their moronic and ignorant mandates!


Most people who traveled the many different Cultures and their many different paths of Magick / Magia, they will tell their experience with Good and Bad.

But "Bad", signifying our Species' language-oriented Interpretation, Translation and Qualification of the "What" and of the "Who", which they find and deem Unpleasant, Ugly, ill, Death-oriented, Destruction-oriented, Different-Religious-Mythology-oriented, perceived and labelled as Harm-causing-oriented, Poverty-oriented, Pain-oriented, Torture-oriented, Cheating/Lying-oriented, Suffering-oriented, etc...

Good, of course, signifying our Species' language-oriented Interpretation, Translation and Qualification of the "What" and of the "Who", which they find and deem pleasant, beautiful, life-oriented, construction-oriented, Of the same Religious Mythology oriented (believes and prays for the same mythological invisible man in the sky), Responsible Pleasure-oriented, Truth-oriented, Puritanism-oriented, etc...

In fact, the Gods and Gods of every ancient religion have always been demonized, vilified, maligned by the new religions and then they are modified, told and preached as the demons and enemies of mankind, when in fact, they are enemies only of the new mythology and its new religion.

In order to keep it believable, some of the old Goddesses and Gods, only a few of them, will always be re-written, re-invented as an average person who becomes a devout of the new religion and then achieves special rank of holy this or that, at times bearing the same names, the same holidays, but catering to the newly invented mythology of the new religion.

In the Astral dimensions, in the many, many worlds / countries, cities of the Astral levels, there are places for all Mythologies, for all belief and language, for all Innocence of Primitive Ignorance, for new souls, for souls who are not ready to embrace their Infinite and Eternal Evolution as yet.

The realities of all of the Astral Places and Their Time-bands, they move different than the time-bands of the Earth.

Consider that We all and Everything that are allowed to exist, we are the Creation of an Infinite, Eternal Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess.
Consider that all Destruction, all Pain, all Suffering, all Unpleasantness, all Endings, all Death, they all are but Changes, Transformations.
Nothing ever dies, nothing ever ends.
The only eternal dynamics of all Existence, of all Life is Change. It is what we are made of.
And it is infinite and eternal just alike as its own Creatress.

I see beyond the temporary, primitive, mythological and ignorant clothing and fancy-dressing-up imposed upon by many (Men-made/Invented) Belief and Language, by (Men-made/Invented) Values and Ways of Conduct.

As a Species, much alike as Children, We like to call, to label as Evil & Bad to anything / anybody that we cannot understand, nor interpret, nor translate and nor reason, nor make sense of.
We like and we preach our Wilful Ignorance, we feel comfortable and we impose our Intellectual Dishonesty...
As a result, we have cycles and cycles of many Astral Worlds fraught with the temporary mythological poop of primitive times...

I assure you all, eternal and infinite Evolution comes to all and everything.
No mythology, no religion, no astral world, no being can cheat me and you and all of us from partaking of the eternal and infinite dance of Evolution.

After a certain point in the journey of Evolution, you arrive at a place where you can see EVOLUTION alive and well, and busy operating in yourself and in all existence, in all life and in everything everywhere.

I mean no disrespect to other mythologies and their religions, but I know, I do much more than believing, I actually know that there is much more than the evil and good rubbish invented by Zoroaster and copied by every religion in order to inflict fear in the populations via their horrible tales of father-oriented-Jealous god, tales of Bully god, of Nasty Bastard god of Love/LOL, god of Vengeance/ of Revenges, god of Hatred-for-all-Differences, god of Arrogance, god of Prejudices, god of Hatred for Women, god of Hatred of Women's Birthrights/Civil-Rights & Equality, god of Hatred for LGBTQ & Non-Binaries, god of Valleys of Tears, god of Sacrifices, god of Poverty-oriented Conditions, god of Waiting, god of Suffering, god of Pain/Torture, god of Doom, and god of mythological boring Heavens and stupid Hells and their mythological Brimstone nonsense.


And I am not referring to, nor talking about the mythological Devils, nor about mythological Demons and nor about the Judeo-Christian mythological (invented/men-made enemy) Satans & Lucifers, etc ( actually but a Morning Planet known as a Star, as Venus in the ancient times, a.k.a. a Bearer of Light in the night and morning sky), etc...

I really and truly refer to the god of the new mythologies, of the new religions, the pathetic, stupid and monstrous mythological character whose tales the world population are taught from cradle to grave to fear, to respect and to perpetuate in submissive, blind and primitive Ignorance and/or, hiding in Intellectual Dishonesty of the world mainstream censored/raped/edited/bought-off Academia who is forced to obey, to cater for mainstream rich and big Religions who are in bed with big Businesses of course, and with Governments.

Pure rubbish and absolute mythological poop!

Thought-forms, Elementals/Fae/Exus/Pomba-Giras, Intelligences and Other Beings from other Astral Worlds, from other Universes and Other Existences, they all (no-exceptions) also have their own Evolutionary Limitations!
All Species have their place in the eternal and infinite Evolutionary Journey...
We all are "Works-In-Progress"!

No need for the mythological poop of invented and idiotically primitive and ignorant Spiritual-Dualism-oriented a.k.a Zoroastrian / Dualistic wars and battles between good and bad, and personified by stupid and pedantic mythological characters.
There is none, not one!

What happens, what there are, are really many battles and wars in the worlds dictated by primitive ignorance, by religious mythological poop whose followers find excuses in order to act upon their wilful ignorance and/or, their intellectual dishonesty...
And their primitive fear of sharing, their fear of intimacy, their fear of knowing, their fear of Evolution, their fear of death, transformation and changes, their fear of surrender, their fear of receiving, their fear of giving, their fear of meaning and value, their fear of emotions, their fear of love, their fear of existence, their fear of life.

No need for saviors, also no need for martyrs, and certainly no need for victims at all!

None, not one!

That it is the reason that I find myself quite glad & content for being 100% Pagan and for being liberal, free and independent from all the mythologies of the big and rich mainstream religions and their fear-driven agendas of hatred for all differences, their mythologies are enemies of humanity, are enemies of all meaningful and empowered freedom on Earth.

To each person, their own hearts and their evolution.

Evolution comes to all.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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