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The Cherokee's little know facts of the nation

The Cherokee's little know facts of the nation

The Cherokee clans were based on a matrilineal system.
(traced thru the Father's line)

* Bird Clan, they were messengers and also very skilled in using blowguns for bird hunting. Eagle feathers were presented by them to other members of the tribe because they were only ones able to collect them. They were the keepers of the birds.

* Blue Clan, this clan were keepers of childrens medicines and of medicinal herbs. They were named after a plant called a blue holly, which they used for medicine. This Clan has also been known as the Wild Cat Clan or Panther. They were known as a peace clan.

* Deer Clan, they were fast runners and delivered messenges from village to village, or person to person and were excellent hunters and trackers. They were known as a peace clan.

* Paint Clan, they were the smallest and most secretive clan, and the only ones that were allowed to make a special red paint and dye that are used for ceremonial purposes and war.

* Twister Clan also known as Long Hair Clan It is said that those belonging to this clan wore their hair twisted or in braided hairdos. The peace chiefs usually came from this clan and wore a white feather robe. Their members were teachers and keepers of tradition.

* Wild Potato Clan were farmers and gatherers of wild potato plants. They used them to make flour for bread. They were keepers and protectors of the earth. Also known as the Raccoon or Clan Bear Clan.

* Wolf Clan is the most prominent clan, providing most of the war chiefs, and warriors. They were the protectors of the people and were known as a warrior clan.

The Four Directions

* Colors were associated with the four directions.
* Blue represented North which meant cold, defeat and trouble.
* White was South representing warmth, peace and happiness.
* Red was East, the color of the Sacred Fire, blood,and success.
* West was black the color meaning problems and death.
* Other colors also had special meanings.
* Brown was good but yellow meant trouble and strife.

Cherokee Flag

The official flag of the Cherokee Nation was raised for the first time on September 30, 1979. The seal is surrounded by seven stars, each with a point in line with the seven points of the center star. The seven stars and the seven points of each star symbolize the 7 clans of the Cherokees. The orange flag is bordered by a black and green rope along the outer edge.

The seven-pointed black star was added to memorialize the many Cherokees that died on the Trail of Tears.

Cherokee Historical Firsts

* 1808 The first written laws by an Indian tribe.
* 1822 The first Indian alphabet written by Sequoyah.
* 1824 First written law of Western Cherokees.
* 1827 First written constitution among Indian tribes.
* 1828 The Cherokee Phoenix was the first newspaper and the only bilingual newspaper.
* 1844 The Cherokee Advocate becomes the first newspaper in Indian territory.
* 1957 First Cherokee National Holiday.
* Stand Watie was the only Indian to become a General in the Confederate Army.
* The first and only Indian tribe with two representatives (Sequoyah and Will Rogers) in the National Statuary Hall in the Nation's Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
* First Masonic Lodge in Oklahoma.

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Comment by Egyptian Tigerlady on April 28, 2010 at 12:41am
I always love what you teach my love, thank you!!! Learning never stops... what we talked about onIM ...thank you!


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