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The demons and witches are among us and they want someone special to be able to solve the issues they might have like cheating partners, missing animals among a myriad of reasons. When Eden’s psychic ability becomes more pronounced, every self respecting demon, fairy or elf wants her detective agency to solve the problem.

Eden Riley doesn’t know what is going to happen in her life. The agency she part owns is going bankrupt and her psychic business, well she isn’t really psychic, is not looking too good either. She is asked to go to assist with a serial killer case. When the killer dies, the demon inside him transfers itself to Eden. She is horrified she has a demon inside especially as it interrupts her date with the handsome policeman. Darrack is able to control some of her movements and slaps her date just as he is about to kiss her. She also has trouble with the fact that Darrack is in her bed each morning and she finds herself undressing him more and more. Eden starts to accept the things she cannot change but more so when she meets the witch who turned Darrack.

Darrack is an arch demon, or was, in his past life. He has survived in different humans for thousands of years. He needs to find the witch who ripped his soul away and made him into this form so he can live again. He transfers into Eden and discovers he can exist during the day in a human type form and gain energy from her particularly if he kisses her! He doesn’t know where the witch is but knows she is near and when Eden and Darrack meet the witch she has to decide whether she will release Darrack from her spell.

While Eden is trying to deal with her daily life and the demon in her, she also has to deal with a couple of exorcists. One who is reasonable and the other who is always planning to get their hands on the arch demon to add to her collection. The exorcists keep appearing at the most inappropriate time and Eden has to try and ward and warn them off. Her problems seem to be magnified when she becomes a demon.

I really enjoyed this story from Ms Rowen especially as this story gave a comedic look at human and demon interaction. It is also the beginning of a new series which will provide entertainment for the reader. It will be interesting to see how much further this series will develop….. Great book to read!.... 

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