I know many of the folks who post to this site never had a day of typing training. I understand it is called "keyboarding" now. This "renaming" comes as no surprise. I write this not as a criticism of those who have trouble typing or lacked the training. I also understand no matter how skilled one might be at the art of typing, one can be prone to typing errors, and I am willing to accept those; most often more accepting of them from others than I am from myself. If one can assume, however, a resonable amount of proofreading takes place before one posts something to a group discussion or a blog, then I fear perhaps what is really dying out is the art of English grammar.

When people send me messages online here, it is fine with me to use shortcuts and abbreviatons. But I grow very concerned when I see others consistently make honest-to-goodness grammatical errors in their posts, and throughout a thread conversation. I become concerned and wonder if they do not realize they have made an error, and I am not sure how to bring it to their attention or even if it is worth the effort to do so. Why should I care?

I care because I have found some wonderfully educated and widely-read individuals here who seem to know (and beyond that, even understand) alot about their traditions, their beliefs, and themselves. Yet, when they use poor grammar consistently in expressing themselves, I fear it impairs their ability to elucidate this to the community at large. It always seems to be the basics: they're/their/there; to/too/two; your/you're...we all remember them from school.

If I have offended you by bringing up this topic, I apologize. I simply believe most of us here have things to say...important and valuable things to say most of the time. I just want to see others express themselves effectively by the proper use of the language we share here.

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Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on January 8, 2010 at 1:22am
Feel free to correct my posts whenever you have found errors. With English being a second language for me I adapt to sloppy writing and slang all too quickly.
Comment by Yarom on January 8, 2010 at 2:50am
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