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I stand in the circle of trees
lost in it's depth
grass and sweet rippling sap
graced my nose

I reach out in panic
where am I? I'm lost
I cry out and bang my fist on a tree
let me out! I need to be free

I feel like a rabbit trapped in cage
like the moon trapped in the starry blanket
I need to be free as a bird stretching its wings
I need to run like a fox to its den

I scream at the trees my captors
between each tree a bush of thorns
coated with blood of past victims
the skulls and bones of their victims in the roots of trees

I hear something snap
I turn around sharply
and look to see a boy
he starred at me heatedly

his hair a chestnut brown
his skin the color of cinnamon
eyes dark as the bark of trees
features high looking as if they were carved by an artist

'Human you don't belong here in this garden'
'Garden? more like a grave'
'Only to you human'
'Let me out'

He smirked evilly at my plea
He took out a bow carved from yew
and knocked an arrow of silver threads
pulled it taught and released, it went whizzing by my ear

I stare into his dark depths and saw my life flash
no pain came no darkness came
I slowly turned around
there by my ankle lay a deadly snake with an arrow in its head

'Thank you sir '
'Leave this garden and never return'
'I cant get out '
he simply smirked

He jumped from his perch landing gracefully
like a cat he was in all his glory
walking forth he took my hand and jerked me up to stand
then led me to the edge and leaped over the bushes pulling me with him

'There you are, you're free'
'Thank you kind sir but may I ask, what are you?'
'You are bold, maiden to ask a question, but if you must know
Tis an elf I am long hidden from the eyes of man'

'Why here in this forest and why build that trap of death'
'Twas not a trap but a garden'
'What garden has thorns'
'Tis an Elvin garden beautiful but deadly like a Lady's scorn'

I look at him once again then take a step backwards
'Thank you kind elf for your help I shall not forget you'
'Nor I you fair maiden, daring maiden may you one day return'
'One day I shall return to this Elvin garden'

I walked away that very day I never forgot him
many years passed seasons came and went
I grew old and feeble barely living day to day
as my dying day approached I took a walk

I returned to the Elvin garden
the bushes bloomed there flowers all colors
once again I hear that snap and turn around
I see the Elvin boy not aged a single day

he looked at me confussed not recognizing me
'I promised to return and so I have'
'fair maiden tis you, what happened?'
'I grew old young elf for this is a human's fate'

He walked forward and studied me
'You are not completely old your eyes are still young'
'Sadly my body is and soon I shall pass on'
'Why fair maiden did you not come sooner'

'I couldn't my mother forced me to move, I was gone a long time'
'you returned fair maiden that is more then most have done'
'I promised I would and I did'
'fair maiden look at your reflection'

he pointed to a pool of cool clear water
I walked forth and peered, I gasped at what I saw
there before me was I as I was the day I met the elf
my old age gone my beauty returned

I turned sharply to look at the elf
and he stood there smiling
'What did you do'
'I returned your favor, you kept your promise to an elf'

'What promise would return my youth'
'The promise of a pure soul'
he walked forth and extended his hand
'The magic in this garden is strong but not everlasting'

'Why did it return my youth'
'It sensed your death and gave you life but at a price'
'What price'
'You're trapped here, never to leave for this is an Elvin garden'

'Elvin gardens need souls of those pure to tend it'
'I being elf means I am pure; you are pure because of your love'
'it wants you to care for it, help me tend this Elvin garden'
'I shall tend to it for the price of my youth'

and that is what we did both forever trapped in a garden
a garden of souls
a garden of truth
a garden of purity

The Elvin Garden

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Comment by Melissa Selby on November 8, 2012 at 4:29pm

This was really beautiful. I loved how you made the date so long ago. It really gives it the feeling of being ancient. Thank you for this wonderful epic. The story was very beautiful. 

Warmest blessings friend,



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