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The writings of the ancient Phoenician author Sanchuniathon help us to understand the importance of the consciousness that we call "Astarte" in this year 2016, one of several critical years in which the very continuation of life upon our planet is in question. The three lost works of Sanchuniathon in the original Semitic language survive only in paraphrase and summary in a Greek translation by Philo of Byblos. The work of Philo is almost the only extant literary work that documents the religion of the Canaanites as it was practiced in Phoenicia and in Palestine before the Hebraic invasions. Although Philo uses Greek names for the Canaanite gods, his work substantially agrees with the findings of recent archaeological research in Ugarit in modern Syria. Astarte, the mother goddess and love goddess of the Canaanites, is the daughter of Gaia and Epigaius, who is Uranus by another name. Because Astarte is the child of Earth and Heaven she is the image of the natural human being, for she embodies the consciousness of both the earthly human soul and the spiritual soul. As the daughter of her mother, Astarte is the "goddess form" of the planet earth. Astarte is extremely important to us because she is the goddess who, in a way, ceased to exist when the religion of Yahweh was imposed upon the conquered Canaanite people. In Greece the original mother goddess continued to exist in human consciousness in the form of Hera and the other Greek goddesses, even though they were clearly subordinate to Zeus. Although the worship of the Canaanite mother continued for a time while Asherah ha Elah was worshiped as the consort of the Lord of Israel, in the time of Nehemiah the Torah was finally codified and the last remnants of the ancient pagan religion were purged from Judaism. "Asherah ha Elah", by the way, means "Sacred Tree, the Goddess". This was the last time that the Canaanite mother was given a respectful, holy name. The name "Astarte" means "Sacred Womb", but because Semitic languages are written without the vowels the Hebrew scribes were able to employ an interesting trick to change Astarte's name into something else more suitable for their purposes. The original Semitic form of the Hellenistic name Astarte was Ashtart or Ashtarat. The written name without the vowels would have looked like shtrt. The scribes added small marks above the letters of the name to indicate which vowels would be used. Instead of marks for the original vowels they used the marks for the vowels of the word boseth, which means "Abomination". When the reader of the Torah and the Prophets in the Synagogue encountered the word shtrt he pronounced the word boseth instead of Ashtarat. In this way the name of the goddess was effectively changed from Sacred Womb to Abomination. The very existence of the goddess was eventually forgotten in the Jewish consciousness. It is interesting that the name Satan was retained in the scriptures, but the name of the goddess was not. Was she thought to be more dangerous than Satan, so evil and seductive that her very existence must be kept a secret? Please remember that the Jewish people as a whole were victims of this process just as the goddess was a victim.

The Gaia Liberation Front is an occult (meaning "hidden") organization that up until this day, December 24, 2016, was completely unknown to the public. It is fitting to reveal the existence of the Liberation Front on Hanukkah, for Hanukkah celebrates the purification of the Temple of Solomon and its re-dedication to its original purpose. The Temple of Astarte must likewise be dedicated anew to its original purpose, which is to enshrine the earthly soul of the human being in addition to the spiritual soul. You may recall that Astarte was the daughter of both Gaia (Earth) and Epigaius (Heaven). The leader of the Gaia Liberation Front is a somewhat shadowy individual who calls herself Miss Boseth. Miss Boseth says that the recent news concerning the Keystone Pipeline and the immanent fracking of the Canadian wilderness lands is especially annoying to her. The Gaia Liberation Front is not a political organization, and Miss Boseth says that although she heartily approves of the political activity which is attempting to stop the construction of the pipeline, she intends to use occult means to halt the project. Miss Boseth is rumored to be the single most powerful occult presence upon the planet earth today. She says that although different names have been used to designate the powers behind the prominent political and economic persons that govern our society, she is not concerned with names but with results. It does not matter to her whether we call these powers Illuminati, Archons, the Matrix, or something else. Miss Boseth told me that the "big boys" who control the world, and the United States in particular, appear to be suicidal because they surely must know that they themselves will die with the rest of us when the earth can no longer support human life. In reality they have a plan to transfer their consciousness to another world.

Miss Boseth decided to mop her bathroom floor today. She filled a big bucket with hot, soapy water and put on a pair of gloves. It appears that the floor has not been cleaned since the time of Nehemiah, some 2,400 years ago. Some occultists like to use candles and herbs, but for the work that she has to do Miss Boseth says that a mop is appropriate. As she mopped the floor she said a few words to the "Archons". She told them, in a quiet tone of voice, that she would not allow them to leave the earth, and that they would have to stay here and die with the rest of us. Miss Boseth says that these "big boys" can keep their toys after they die, in the spirit of the familiar saying, "He who dies with the most toys wins". Miss Boseth says that that is the least that she can do to console the Archons, who are very sad now that they know that they will die.

Below: Astarte (Sacred Womb), as the daughter of Earth and Heaven, embodies the pattern or "template" of both the earthly soul and the spiritual soul of the human being.

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