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The gddess of the milky way and the death and rebirth of the sun

The egyptian goddess Nuit was the personification of the milky way. She was Said to have swallowed the sun during winter and reborn it at spring. If you look at the throat and vocal cords they resemble the female reproductive Organs, which are the mouth and Vulva of the goddess.

This is Symbol of the eye and the pyramid or square andere ccompass of freemasonry. In next pictures you see the geometrc  Connection between the square and compass of freemasonry and the eye of god(dess) in the pyramid giving New life Like the Phoenix/sun being reborn:

In freemasonry you have to unite the elements of Soul and Body through alchemy:

The gods fuxi and nüwa also Carey a square and compass and are personifications of Yin und Yang.

Now back to the goddess nut. She was Said to swallow the sun at the Orion conjunction of the Milky way.

Orion is osiris, god of death and the underworld. His soul exited through his mouth by the opening of the mouth ceremony:

In this picture the priest is holding either a flower (symbol of Life/vulva) or a plough (symbol of Harvestehude/opening the earths mouth) resembling the pleiades Cluster. The pollen of the flower entered the nose and osiris sneezed out his soul (shu) through his mouth.

Shu was god of moist air. (hachu/snnezing?)

Shu then impregnates tefnut through the mouth of nuit (Air entering Lungs through vocal cords). Togeither they bear the sun god ra.

Ra or horus was born in the cygnus constellation or bennu bird, which carried his soul to a new Body (Pharaoh).

Cygnus was nuits birth Canal:

The tomb of birds was the tomb of Ra or the rising sun bird.

The giza pyramids both depict Orion (death) and cygnus (rebirth).

The bow and arrow of the Pharaoh/sun god inside his chariot all symbolize the path of the sun thravelling through the Horizon. The pleyades/bulls eye are the mark (womb/mouth) of the reapening season in many ancient civilizations.

The cows head ist the womb of the goddess.

Horus/perseus kills the serpent apep (cepheus) striking it's head and gets bitten in his foot (pleiades). Death and rebirth occurs. A New year begins.

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