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witchery puts itself out for the elements to answer back, for the sun and moon to adopt them and bring them full circle into the mysteries and it is here they are given tools to explore those mysteries and eventually make book on their being, from there it gets fun, but with all things its how high do you think your flames rise.. MGWLAITHOAM

children call on Lilith, because they never want to grow up, so lilith doesn't answer until they do...

Hecate opens no gateway, she expects the one wanting in to do that..

ESE looks at the world in a mirror and holds a key that everyone talks about but few get...but they try and fake wear it..

Vasha: why should i raise the heavens for you, when you can barely see the ocean floor...

her daughters are those who master the 3 gateways from the 4, her gifts are the two pillars that the occult was born from, she isn't your graven imagery for shes never been engraved... instead she turns keys, shows gateways and haunts others with her perfection...

the world of worlds tears itself apart to know her, and she laughs at its effort, because she doesn't hide, she reveals...

The grandest place among magical domain is the crystal cathedral as its called by name, but what it is is beyond its fame, its a secret of air and time, space and thought, and never will one come to forget, that you give in order to see and be and you in thee will of it.....get......

does nature have a religion, does the sun or moon have a religion, does the power of space and time have a religion, )no) and these are the tools to witchery/witchcraft

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