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The Key to Gaining Power: Controlling Your Own Mind (New)

Those who are masters of their own minds are masters of their lives. Anything they desire is already theirs. I am offering you sanity in a world that has gone insane. Please think about what I am saying very seriously.

"A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle." ~ The Buddha

"The transmutation of the mind to magical consciousness has often been called the Great Work. It has a far-reaching purpose leading eventually to the discovery of the True Will. Even a slight ability to change oneself is more valuable than any power over the external universe. Metamorphosis is an exercise in willed restructuring of the mind." ~ Peter Carroll in Liber Null

This is the key: being able to remain calm in all and any situations. This is accomplished by practicing your everyday garden-variety meditation.

Being able to remain calm is far more important than any material success.

This is accomplished by practicing your everyday garden-variety meditation. The difference between you and everyone else who meditates, is that you will stick to your practice much longer than anyone else who meditates.

The real value in occultism is not being able to create outside change. Rather the real value is in being able to create inner change.

Inner change (normally) precedes outer change (some exceptions like a lack of food affecting one's mood).

I don't mean this in some BS law of attraction way but rather your actions and results are influenced by your metal state because your mind directs your body and its actions.

Occultism should be granted the same respect as one would grant a full contact martial art. Think of it along the lines of a martial arts and you have the right idea.

Occultism is essentially self-guided psychotherapy to allow us to achieve success.

The fundamentals, such as garden-variety meditation, are far more important than being able to astral project or what have you.

A power concealed; await the day.

"Yes, you must try things, yes, you must experiment, but do not jump into practice with enthusiasm and ignorance all at once. Think of magic as a garden or a forest full of fruits berries: before putting everything brightly-colored and fancy-looking in your mouth, try asking someone who knows his stuff. Poisoned berries and mushrooms can be the most fascinating fruits there, while nutritious roots, leaves and fruits can hide under more humble guises." - (


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