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The Legend of the Cherokee Rose.

No better symbol exists of the pain and suffering of the Trail Where They Cried than the Cherokee Rose(pictured at top of page). The mothers of the Cherokee grieved so much that the chiefs prayed for a sign to lift the mother's spirits and give them strength to care for their children. From that day forward, a beautiful new flower, a rose, grew wherever a mother's tear fell to the ground. The rose is white, for the mother's tears. It has a gold center, for the gold taken from the Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem that represent the seven Cherokee clans that made the journey. To this day, the Cherokee Rose prospers along the route of the "Trail of Tears". The Cherokee Rose is now the official flower of the State of Georgia.

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Comment by Tomi Diaktoros on April 28, 2010 at 8:45am
beautiful friend, my family are french and canadian Indian (Micmaque) and it always amazes me the strength and courage the native women hold... my grandmothers face is hard as stone but her heart is full of woe and love and when I see my smile It is her smile, when I see myself cry it is her tears


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