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It is Done. Waiting on Amazon to Publish it here, but here's a sneak peak ;)
“Ever heard of the Mandela Effect?”
“Mandela? Like Nelson Mandela?”
“The same.” Said Steve, “Tell me, is Nelson Mandela still alive?” I
thought about it for a second, the embattled leader of apartheid in
South Africa fighting for Black Rights, the Boers, Afrikaners, a movie
or documentary I'd seen on Netflix, but for the life of me I could not
remember if Nelson Mandela was still alive or not. “Before you
designed The Time Loop Battery, Nelson Mandela was well known to
have died in prison from tuberculosis in 1991. Millions of people still
remember his funeral broadcasted live on television, Jeff, but now, in
this timeline anyways, he was very much alive throughout the nineties
serving as South Africa's first black president. He recently passed
away in 2013, for the first time, mind you, "
“Is that a bad thing?” I asked, not wanting to feel as if I'd been directly
responsible for saving such an important figure in history from an
early death, but doing so anyways.
“Not in and of itself, Jeff, but causality cannot be about just one man.
What you did in 2002, just the act of placing The Time Loop Battery
on paper, split reality in two. This present life is not suppose to be
here. None of this world is suppose to be here, Jeff, and I can prove it
to you. Do you remember Star Wars, the original movies?"
"Yes." I said, when I should have been shouting at him to get the fuck
out of my house. I was now sure Steve was crazy. Contagious or not. I
needed to find a way out.
"Do you remember C3PO being all gold or did he have a silver, right
leg from the knee down?"
"Are you kidding?" I said, seeing the Ewoks suddenly in my head
raising the full golden C3PO up as King of the Ewoks in Return of the
Jedi, "He's gold from head to foot."
"Google it, Jeff. C3PO has a silver leg now, always did." And I do. I pull
out my phone and google C3PO. Immediately, I notice that most of
the images pulling up have C3PO standing on a silver, right leg from
the knee down that I do not ever remember him having...ever.
"What the hell?"
"That's just the beginning, Jeff. Inconsequential layers of a much,
much bigger picture...or smaller, if you consider we're all just zero
flash points on some microscopic Quantum chip."
"Good God." I am shocked. The pictures of C3PO included original
figurine dolls from 1977 still in the package and yep, C3PO has a silver
leg in each one of them!
"Maybe you're thinking it's just a detail you've missed all these years?"
Said Steve, and yes, I was thinking exactly that or, at least, I am now. I
could have just missed that, right? "Do you remember Darth Vader
saying to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, 'Luke, I am your father'?"
"Who doesn't, Steve?" I said, confident in my memory of that famous
line from my youth. Why was I still listening to this bullshit? Find an
escape, Jeff, now! But I don't, I can't think of one. I can't see past the
incredible possibilities Steve was pushing at me. I am the
superintendent of passive aggressiveness.
"Wrong, Darth Vader never says that." Said Steve, and the chills that
course over my skin are very, very real. I google a clip of the original
scene in The Empire Strikes Back and several references to the
Mandela Effect, memes, misnomers, confabulations and false
memories on a mass scale pop up at the top of the search results.
Others were searching this too and my curiosity that this was not just
something Steve was making up relieved some of my fears. I play the
first clip and have to play it again, and again, and again...
"That's not what he says!" I said in anger. What was going on here?
Darth Vader had always, from the beginning of time, said, 'Luke, I am
your father.', but no more. What Darth Vader actually says is, 'No, I
am your father.' which makes no fucking sense to me!
"Jeff, this world is a fake." Said Steve, reaching over to take my phone
and stop the madness. "I too remember the iconic phrase, 'Luke, I am
your father.', but it seems that's not where we are any longer. The
Earth on which that movie existed the way we remember it is gone,
"I don't know...." I said, with the memory of hearing Darth Vader say,
'Luke, I am your Father.' already fading, as if I hadn't been so sure just
a moment ago that it was so, "Maybe...maybe we just remember it
"You, me and half the world, Jeff." Said Steve, pulling up another web
page on my phone to show me. "Do you remember the classic song by
Queen, We are the Champions?"

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