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The Meaning of Colors
What is color? Out of the many vibrations reaching the earth a tiny octave is registered by the optic nerves. Our eyes respond to these particular vibrations with a reaction that we know as color.
Medical science has proven that different colors have definite and various effects upon our nervous system and that they act quite independently of our eyes or minds.
It has been suggested that the sev Colors correspond to the seven major planets and are radiating down to the earth at their specific rates of vibration. A red rose absorbs all colors except red, and reflects the red light waves back to us and we say,"The Rose is red."
The perfect blending of the seven color rays in the bright sunlight gives us a white light. If the rays are split up by being passed through a glass prism they are at once visible as colors. In the same way a rainbow is produced by the minute prismatic effects of rain in the sky.
The color rays are pouring down on the earth night and day. Each object and every atom responds to them, thereby announcing its own quality to those who are able to decipher the language of colors.
All matter emits vibrations. A human being also radiates subtle emanations of everything of which he is composed. A person with extra sensitive sight is able to see the colors of this rays at a certain angle and speaks of them as the person's aura.
Here the colors in the order in which they appear in the spectrum,
RED has the lowest vibration, being therefore the coarsest and most physically vitalizing: its place is just above the heat vibrations, and it is heat-giving in itself. Astrologers tell us that the "planetary color " of Mars is red and has dynamic power over iron. It is iron that is responsible for our red blood-without it we would have some sort of pale liquid in our veins. Mars is considered the God of War, giving a martial spirit to all born under this sign, quick strength and force, power and leadership. Red is the color associated with the 1st chakra.
In medicine we find that the effect upon patients of red-colored electric lamps is to stimulate,warm, excite and cheer: to increase the activity of the arterial blood: to energize. Red glass windows have much the same effect and also red walls and wall decorations to a lesser degree. Red should be avoided by those who have too much iron, or who are in any condition of heat or inflammation. Red-haired people such as myself, excitable lunatics, and bulls should be surrounded by cooler colors if peace is to prevail! Red is the chief color in any herbs or medicines having a heating and stimulating effect, such as cayenne, cloves or musk.
Red is the color of Mars, whose stone is Ruby and whose metal is iron. It is the lowest of the seven colors, and it belongs to the lowest of the seven notes of the musical scale, which is C: and most martial music is in the key of C.
ORANGE is the second color in the spectrum. This beautiful color is associated with the Sun, and has also a warming and invigorating effect. But whereas red is stimulating to the body and the blood, orange is stimulating to the emotions. It is also considered the color of the brave. It should be avoided by extremely emotional types of people, who acquire balance through its complimentary color, Blue. Orange is the color associated with the2nd chakra. Its musical note is D. Melodies in that key often have emotional appeal. The metal associated with the Sun is Gold.
YELLOW is the third color of the spectrum. This color belongs to the planet Mercury. Mercury instills a quick intellect by stimulating the nervous system, To be quick-witted the nerves should be in an active condition throughout the body: so nothing can remain stagnant under the influence of this planet. Yellow is the color associated with the 3rd chakra. Wisdom is said to be conferred by Mercury and its color yellow. Buddha always dress his priest in Yellow. This color has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout the ages.Yellow lamps or glass windows stimulate the nerves of the brain and the body. They should not be used by highly nervous subjects. Yellow predominates in all herbs which are purgatives or nerve-stimulants, such as senna , sulfur, fig juice, tartar, castor oil.
Yellow is third color in the spectrum. It corresponds to the musical note of E. Its jewel is the yellow Topaz and it represents luminosity. When seen in the human aura yellow if dark and crude, tells of deceit and cowardice {hence the term {yellow streak.!} but if pale and luminous it shows high wisdom and intellectuality.
GREEN is the fourth color which stands in the center of the scale of seven colors. It is the meeting ground between the thermal or heating and expanding colors of red, orange and yellow and the electrical contracting colors of le, indigo and violet. It is the color associated with the 4th chakra. Green gives stability, endurance and quietude. We are allowed much of it to look at in nature and to partake of as nourishment. Its action is to cool the blood and animate the nerves. It belongs to the planet Saturn, whose metal is lead. People with the luminous green of Saturn in their aura are the harmonizers and pacifiers of the world. They stand for social stability. If the green is dark and crude it tells that its owner , so concerned with the affairs of others , has become"green with envy."
Green belongs to fourth note of the musical scale,F, whose melodies, usually in a minor key, sing of the melancholy associated with Saturn. Its stone is Emerald, which bestows peace of mind. Therefore whether through lights or colored glass or herbs, green gives an all around steadying and quieting influence.
BLUE belongs to the Planet Venus, the giver of Love, devotion and harmony. Its stone is the Amethyst, the super-sacred of the seven jewels. Pale blue in the aura represents devotion, while dark blue shows fanaticism. One can either be "true blue or have a fit of the "blues", according to one's outlook.
Blue is the the color that corresponds to the 5th chakra.The musical note of blue is G, a favorite key for the composer of romantic music.
INDIGO is the sixth color of the scale. It is, like green, a meeting-ground for all the colors. Its planet is said to be Uranus and its stone is jet. It is the color associated with the 6th chakra. In the aura it shows dignity and high aspirations.
The musical note is A.
VIOLET is the seventh and last color of the spectrum. It represents the seventh and highest quality a person attains- noble spiritual aspiration. Therefore it has always been connected to the priestly ceremonies. Violet is the color associated with the 7th chakra. Its musical note is B, in which key much sacred music is written. Its planet is Jupiter, rules the metal tin and the jewel Sapphire. In its medical action it approaches theealm of ultraviolet. It cools the nerves, is magnetic and antiseptic.Purple and violet speak of honor, spirituality and self-esteem.
Colors, therefore, are of the deepest significance to us throughout all phases if our life. They have more influence on us then we can possibly imagine. If we use them intelligently they can help us by strengthening, soothing and inspiring us.
Dark, drab and dingy colors harm our spirits, morals and health: they encourage crime, inhibitions, inferiority complexes, suicide and stunted development. They actually prevent the radiation of personal magnetism, the give and take between human beings. They inhibit optimism and inspiration.
The neutral colors.
BROWN is the color of the earth and holds us to the earth and materialistic thoughts. GRAY is neutral and useful as a background to other colors. WHITE absorbs all the rays and is therefore cooling and restful.BLACK absorbs them all and is warm, although neutralized. I always carry with me a piece of black jet because I feel it absorbs any negativity I might encounter.

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