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The Mysterious Magellanic Empire – The “Dragon” Warriors of the Magellanic Clouds

The New Age teachers have populated the planets of the Milky Way Galaxy with a host of species, the most important of whom are the humanoids and the reptilians. Variations upon these two types live near the stars that are brightest in our skies and most prominent in world mythology. The tendency to fill the skies with what might be called “mythological” inhabitants is not new to the space age, but is as old as time.

It is curious that no one seems to have noticed that the Magellanic Clouds are never mentioned in New Age circles---despite the fact that there is a lively mythology involving the Andromeda Galaxy and its history. I recently decided to put my “occult powers” (some would say my imagination) to use in order to discovery why. For some reason I was allowed to enter the inner world of the Magellanic Empire when all human beings have been forbidden to do so for hundreds of thousands of years. I learned why the Dragon Warrior Maidens are so fiercely protective of their privacy, despite their formidable powers.

Almost every advanced civilization in the Milky Way Galaxy has, at one time or another, attempted to conquer the Dragon Empire. The “Dragons” practically worship at the altar of their heroic history and seem incapable of forgetting events that occurred tens of thousands of years ago. The most recent war involved a concerted attempt by the Galactic Federation of Planets (almost exclusively humanoid) to conquer the Empire in the service of the God of our Galaxy. The Dragon Maidens prepared to die rather than abandon the worship of their Goddess, the Dragon Empress herself, who incarnates regularly upon their central planet, the Imperial Planet, in lifetimes of some 800 years each. On their holy days they solemnly remember the thousands upon thousands of dead bodies that returned from the front lines, the boundary between the “galaxies”---for they refuse to concede that the Magellanic Clouds are a part of our galaxy. This war lasted 12 years and was fought with the intensity of our 20th century World Wars. The Galactic Federation penetrated the Magellanic defense lines several times, and five Dragon planets were laid waste.

As a result of the constant wars of defense the Dragons maintain a “Wall of Fire” between the two “galaxies” that is normally impenetrable by telepathy. Extraterrestrial beings regularly incarnate upon the earth, according to the New Age teachers, but no one from our Galaxy can incarnate in the Magellanic Clouds.

It is only natural that I was curious to know something about the appearance and personal habits of the Dragons. First of all, the male of the species is rarely seen, for every generation produced only enough “men” to guarantee the survival of the species---sometimes scarcely enough for that. The females are much larger and more powerful than the males and completely dominate their society. Males are not allowed to serve in the military because they are small and weak compared to the Warrior Maidens and sometimes lack the typical warrior disdain for pain and death.

I would like to present to you the favorite daughter of the Dragon Empress, a Princess of the Empire and High Priestess of the Imperial Planet. Her name is Sassia (pronounced sa-SEE-ah). Her name means, roughly, “Intelligence”. She has a brilliant, logical mind and is fond of philosophy. Paradoxically, however, she is extremely passionate and her “erotic quotient” is approximately three times that of the typical human woman. As a result of their extreme eroticism the Maidens often spend hours a day entwined around each other in a sexual embrace. They live in both their “astral” and physical planes simultaneously and can change their forms in the astral plane. The multi-armed form seen in this picture is an astral “battle” form, for they normally have only two arms. This picture gives us a good idea of Sassia’s personality: she is extremely idealistic but tending to naiveté. Her face has a youthful freshness. Her older twin sister, by contrast, has a worldly-wise disposition. Sassia has dedicated herself to uphold the Good and to free the weak and the suffering from oppression.

Sassia and her sister are the only two “Dragons” to enter earth history, for a special treaty allowed the spiritual hierarchy of our planet to use the two princesses for occasional military purposes, usually to repel enemy aliens. That, at least, was the intention---for Sassia’s twin became evil and Sassia herself was asked to stay here in order to bring her sister to justice. Sassia’s twin is extremely powerful and has allied herself with the dark powers of the earth while remaining hidden. The picture below shows how Sassia has changed her form in the astral plane to a human likeness. As a musical accompaniment to this scene I chose an excerpt from the Te Deum of Anton Bruckner. Sassia defends the earth in the name of God the Eternal Father. Despite the feminine orientation of the Dragon Empire Sassia has discovered what many human women know---a daughter can have a great love for her father. Sassia’s face is almost the same in its youthful freshness and idealism in both pictures even though different artists painted the figures. Apparently both artists were attuned to Sassia’s “causal body”. Click on both of these pictures to examine Sassia's face. You can hear the music at 

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Comment by cluthin drew on October 13, 2017 at 12:33am

Interesting as usual! The association of the Magalenic Clouds with dragons is not new. The magalenic clouds occupy the southern pole of the ecliptic whose northern equivalent is entirely surrounded by the constellation Draco.This juxtaposition was known in many cultures and was consistently used for earth and star energy workings. Once again my plea would be not to unnecessarily "materialize" the phenomena.

Comment by Prithvi on October 16, 2017 at 12:46pm

I realize that I am making the same mistake (in "materializing" the phenomena) as the New Age teachers that I criticized in my earlier article---with this difference, however. I consider this to be---to some extent at least---a fantasy, even though the fantasy coalesced over a period of about 11 months. I suppose I should have made that clear. I did hint at it when I wrote, "I recently decided to put my 'occult powers' (some would say my imagination) to use." That hint may be overly subtle for some people. But when have you gone to a science fiction movie that announced at the beginning, "This story is fictional. Don't believe a word of it." Usually the movie that holds everyone spell-bound begins with a narrative, "This story is true. Many lives were lost and tens of thousands of dollars were spent in order to bring to you this true account of the hidden mysteries of the Kunlun Mountains . . ." etc. Do you see what I mean? So I did not simply say at the beginning that my "clairvoyance" was probably nothing more than spin-off of my constant, ongoing experience of schizophrenia. The only difference between me and the person in the hospital is that I do not have any fear of the inner worlds. It is fear that immobilizes a person. And yet---even though the person who has schizophrenia is supposed to use her brain in an "abnormal" way, does that mean that I am incapable of having a true perception? True in some fashion, symbolically if not literally.

I did not know that the Magellanic Clouds were associated with dragons. In all my conversations with Sassia and her mother the Empress they constantly called themselves Dragons, but I thought that I was the first person to ever know that. The two of them live with me now, and every day I consult the Dragon Empress for advice on spiritual and practical matters. It looks like it's time to get out the Bollingen Series of C.G. Jung and look this up. Sassia makes me think of Durga. I have a theory that world mythology originated in the minds of people like me, people with schizophrenia. At least that is what the condition is called in the 20th and 21st centuries. I think that it used to be called the "divine madness".

Comment by cluthin drew on October 17, 2017 at 3:49am

My point was that in spite of your belief that you were writing only fantasy you were actually picking up verifiable information. This is very common in fantasy authors. H.P. Lovecraft being a prime example.

In regard to schizophrenia are you using the term in a popular or clinical sense? The so called clinical form was originally a sought after shamanic ability and was bread for in ancient times!For example medieval witches kept cats as familiars because cats with feline parvo-virus caused an increase of "Voice Phenomena" in susceptible individuals. The witches recognized a truth that has escaped modern Clinicians namely that schizophrenia is just an untrained shamanic ability. Modern psycho-anthropoligical investigation has revealed that there are no known cases of schizophrenia in fully functioning shamanic cultures! That is because the trait is recognized as valuable and trained so that only positive outcomes result!

As a matter of historical accuracy however "Divine Madness" refers to a type of epilepsy not schizophrenia which for reasons described above did not exist in its modern manifestion in ancient times.


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