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The Mystery of the numbers 3, 7, 9 and 12

Recently I have been to a few sites where there appears to be some confusion as to what the digits 3, 7, 9, and 12 relate to and who placed them into the mystical setting and when. I decided to put this little bit of information back up on the net for those individuals and any others who may be interested.

Ancient Echoes from the Past

The pages you are about to read are excerpts from a manuscript I wrote that is yet unedited. It has been a work in progress as 'life' sometimes gets in the way. I tend to write as I think and speak so I beg your indulgence for the grammatical errors that you are bound to find. The manuscript itself encloses approximately 260 pages including maps and extensive bibliography. You will read references being made to other chapters and pages but it is impossible to place the entire work here on this website. Select paragraphs were chosen pertaining only to the ancient numerical codes of the numbers 3, 7, 9 and 12 that carried through the religious arena down to our time. Immediately following this paragraph is a short introduction as to why I wrote the manuscript and why I am placing this small bit on the Internet for all to view.

There appears to be a problem with the great diversity of religious belief systems where there should be no problem at all. At this time there are very large groups of people gathering together to investigate and practice the beliefs of their ancestors. There are also a very large number of lone individuals who are practicing the ancient ways. With this great resurgence into ancient religious belief systems there is a need for information that not only guides and informs these groups and lone individuals but unites them also. These practitioners involve Celts, Scandinavians, Germans, the Indigenous Peoples of North America, and the Goddess oriented individuals, to name but a few. Many have tried to reconcile the old ways with Christianity and have succeeded, but some have become lost, trapped and confused. If you take the time to read these pages you will find that the ancient ways traveled into and through Christianity thereby uniting all peoples. The answer lies within the King James Bible itself. Codes and symbolism were intentionally inserted to unite all people into one religious belief system. Thus we can rightly say that the many religious paths, whether Pagan or Christian, have the same common core.

I do not view this unity as a detraction from any one particular religion but as enrichment for all. My aim is to bring peace and unity to as many individuals as it is possible for me to reach. I realize that in doing so I may upset a few individuals. This is not my intent but progress and enlightenment generally have this effect as it ripples through society. All we need do is look at what is happening in the churches today, and the splinter factions, to realize that this is very true. Change and enlightenment can be a very harrowing experience to some individuals. Yet others yearn for it. Enlightenment is progress whether in science or religion. But many times we have to look into the past to learn about the present and to change the future.

So, with all of the above in mind, I have decided to share one small piece of my knowledge with you in the hopes that you will share it with others. It is very difficult to condense a chapter of information to a few paragraphs so pertinent information must be set aside for now. What I have chosen to do is to insert selected paragraphs. To confirm what you are about to read you will need a pencil, paper, and a copy of the King James Version of the Bible, or one that closely resembles it, as there are many Bibles being put out by the various religious groups and some contain only the New Testament (NT). It would be of benefit to you also if you could obtain a Catholic Douay version of the Bible. It is to no ones benefit if you simply read and accept what you are about to read, or decide to argue with it, without confirming it for yourself.

Selected Paragraphs

In both situations, 1700 years ago when the Bible books were selected for the Roman Catholic Bible and then again 400 years ago when the books were re-selected for inclusion into the King James Bible, it was the decision of only a few individuals which books would be included in the Bibles and which ones wouldn’t. I have talked to individuals who feel that there are more Books that should have been included. There are many authors who have given their theories as to why some were chosen and some were not. The probability is that had they been included the codes of 3, 7, 9, and 12 would not have been as prominent as they should be. Added to this, those in charge of making the decision knew what the other books actually meant and did not feel that there was any value to them. They knew that many stories were simply made up, as a way of instructing the people in symbols and parables, and that others were fraudulent. The original Roman Catholic Bible was essentially a handbook for the clergy on what belief systems were to be taught. Keeping the old gods and ways of their belief system intact, and inserting those beliefs into the new manual that came to be called the Christian Bible, was the main agenda. The problem lay with the number of the Books, the mystical numbers 3, 7, 9 and 12 had to be included and on an even balance.

When confirming these codes it is essential to remember that each series of digits be brought down to its lowest digit. It is a code and as such must be deciphered. As mentioned in a prior chapter in the case of the vision of Ezekiel, (Ezekiel chapter 1) when we multiply the 4 creatures times the 4 faces (4 x 4=16) we end up with the number 16. We then add the 1 and 6 and end up with the mystical number 7 (1+6 = 7). In these next few paragraphs I will explain how the Mithraic and Zoroastrian members carried the Pagan beliefs and the authentic ancient codes of the sciences and astronomy into the new religion that came to be called Christianity, and how they were later carried through into the King James Bible.

As strange as this may appear, when the King James Bible was published in 1611, although some books were removed that are currently in the Roman Catholic edition the mystical numbers, symbols and stories were not only retained, but they took the prominent position that they had originally had. As I had explained on a previous page some of the ancient seed codes are numbers and although they refer to astronomy they have become a part of every religious initiation rite, plus existing in some groups that are not considered religious. Although many individuals are already aware of how many Books are in the Bible and why, many others are not.

Using the King James Version of the Bible and referring to the Old Testament (OT), or Hebrew Scriptures, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles each have 2 books bringing the final total to 39 books in all. Reducing this to the final digit we have 3+9=12 (1+2=3). The New Testament as it is now with Corinthians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Peter and John each having more than 1 book total 27 (2+7=9). Taking the final total of 3 from the Old Testament and adding it to the final total of 9 of the New Testament we have 3+9=12 (1+2=3). That was easy enough for them to do, just split up some of the books to make it balance. There wasn't a problem with the number 7 since it is inserted throughout the Bible.


But what if a problem occurred during the final compiling of the entries and someone decided not to split up the books as planned. Well then, the Old Testament would equal 36 books (3+6=9) and the New Testament books would equal 21 (2+1=3). Problem solved. We just add the 9 from the Old Testament to the 3 of the New Testament and we have 9+3=12 (1+2=3) again. We can see that the number 3 was of great importance and had to be prominent. However the number 9 could not be left out since it also was considered a sacred number. The number 9 became the number of the beast that Christians converted into meaning Satan the Devil in the Book of Revelations, as you read in chapter two. You will find this digit secreted throughout the Bible also.


You will remember that the number of the beast is supposed to be 666. On a previous page I had explained how 666 equals the number 9 (6+6+6=18 (1+8=9). If we turn the numbers upside down to 999 we still end up with the number 9 (9+9+9=27) (2+7=9). So how has the number 9 been imprinted on the minds of the people? It became the number of the great evil beast that fights with Christ and opposes the Christian God of the Bible. You will recall from the previous chapter that the duality of the gods was imposed on us by the early Zoroastrian belief system. It is most probable that the individuals who were in charge of compiling the books that came to be known as the Old Testament didn't know that the number stood for astronomy and so they converted it to mean something else altogether. The Romans that went on to compile the Bible had no idea what the beast was, and since they could neither read Hebrew nor understand its imagery they didn't delete it.


It is obvious that in the King James Version the emphasis was on the number 12 that would be brought down to the final digit of 3 since the Bible has 66 books in total. The number 6 is not considered a sacred number since it does not have any significance to the astronomical constellations under discussion, nor in any authentic ritual. There is no doubt in my mind that some individuals approximately 1700 years ago and then again 400 years ago had some sleepless nights trying to figure out how to ensure the safety of the codes and beliefs that were either loved or feared a great deal. Apparently there was quite a bit of intrigue going on both times as people squabbled over what Bible books should be included and which ones shouldn't. In both cases the individuals concerned were determined to carry the seed codes of the numbers 3, 7, 9, and 12 through, along with the well-established symbols, rites and rituals, and they did. Although many individuals lost their lives over it.


Constantine, known as Constantine the Great and agent of the Christianization of the Roman Empire lived between the years of 272/273 – 337 AD. The Encyclopedia of Religion states that Constantine's motives are beyond reconstruction. It appears that on the eve of a war, which would be October 27, 312 AD, it is stated that Constantine received a vision from a deity that was to be construed as divine assistance. What deity he received the vision from is not stated. He apparently won the war and then promptly went home and murdered his wife, his son and a brother-in-law. After the event of the vision it is claimed that he no longer openly participated in pagan practices. It does not say that he didn’t participate at all. What we are told is that he didn't do it openly.

We are informed that Constantine was a tolerant pagan content with accumulating deities. We are also told that his conversion to Christianity did not alienate pagans, for religion had not been an issue in the civil war. Something I find interesting is that it is also stated that politics and religion became so entangled that Constantine, using attacks on Christians in the East as a pretext, could declare his campaign against Licinius in 324 a crusade against Paganism. Since it is known that there was some animosity between the two men it becomes obvious that religion was used as an excuse to fight much as it is today. Elaborating on Constantine and his life is outside the scope of this book, but it is important to note some important points.

Constantine was a warrior and he had been born and raised in the Mithraic belief system. The different religions throughout his vast empire were a source of agitation to him and his solution to this was to unite his empire under one religion. Because of the diversity of religions under the rule of his empire he called for a formal meeting that came to be known as The Council of Nicaea, this took place in 325AD. It was a gathering of approximately three hundred religious leaders who were arguing over differing views. One example was the nature of Christ and whether or not the father and son were to be one and the same or to be viewed as separate, or as a trinity involving a holy spirit.


Constantine had no one to challenge his authority from 324AD and he died in 337AD. The god Mithra had been declared God and Protector of the Roman Empire during his fathers reign in 307AD. If Constantine had really turned to Christianity and another god, why didn't he remove the god Mithra as protector of the empire? He had a total of 13 years, give or take a few months. Attesting to this his coins continued to bear the inscription Sol Deus Invitus (unconquerable sun). You will remember that Mithra was also called the 'unconquered sun, the divinity of light'.

The Bishop Eusebius who lived from 263 – 330 AD wrote the only records that we have about the first 300 years of Christianity. It is said that he was a close and intimate friend of the Emperor Constantine. In describing the events of the emerging church he is also writing a biography of Constantine and an autobiography of himself. It is interesting to note that according to the Encyclopedia of Religion that Constantine promised Eusebius that he would be Bishop of the entire world. That is quite the bribe during any period. Eusebius lived in luxury wanting nothing. Eusebius died two years after Constantine.

Taking all things into consideration and looking only at the facts it appears that Constantine, with the aid of his scribe Eusebius, concocted a scheme to unite all the religions and people in the empire under one religious umbrella combining both Mithraism and Zoroastrianism. There are no other records so there is nothing to dispute Eusebius's autobiography of himself and the biography of Constantine. We are told that they were friends, but this is questionable since Constantine had at one time confined Eusebius in prison because of his religious beliefs that were not the same as Constantine's. We must also consider that since Eusebius hadn't lived for the three hundred years in question then what he wrote about that time period is also highly questionable, since there is nothing to confirm even a small portion of his writings as authentic. Since Eusebius had held a different religious belief system from Constantine, and he died two years after Constantine, that means he had two years to alter any records that were in his keeping. There is also the point to consider that after Eusebius died anyone could have written anything and signed his name to it. A small time period of one to two hundred years later could not be proven one way or the other. It appears that we have been far too quick to accept one man's writings, and those that may not be
his writings.

The Encyclopedia of Religion goes on to tell us that as to Constantine, his reputation rests on his skilful manipulation of Christian symbols. This is correct. The symbols and seed codes that were incorporated into Christianity were well known and accepted in Mithraism and these were only distorted echoes from a long faded past. Eusebius knew this and also knew what was expected of a Divine child as both Mithra and Zoroaster were considered Divine Children. It was his responsibility to make sure the Jewish Jesus fit that role.


So now we know how the echoes of the far ancient past carried through into what is known as the Roman Catholic Bible and on into the King James Bible. You will remember reading in chapter two that the foundations of the majority of religions, and their branches, have the same constellation symbols and codes, this includes what we call Christianity. They are all one and the same.
I am going to bring this chapter to conclusion by using a quote from the book The Pagan Christ authored by Tom Harper. The following words were recorded by St. Augustine.

There are many things that are true which it is not useful for the vulgar crowd to know; and certain things which although they are false it is expedient for the people to believe otherwise.

                                                                                             -St. Augustine, City of God

There is no sense in being angry with anyone for what happened so very long ago. All of the individuals are now dead and gone. Rather than be upset at what had occurred we should be grateful that these very important codes and symbols were carried through to us today. Had they not all loved their god/s faithfully vital information about the constellations in question would be lost to us, and this includes all religions because they all helped carry them through to this era.


It is my sincere hope that you have confirmed the Biblical codes for yourself. For those of you who do not own a complete version of the King James Bible one can be found at your library or on the Internet.

Information that I did not include here is; what are the constellations in question and why are they so important to us, why the Roman Catholic version of the Bible contains an extra 7 books and why these were removed for the King James Version, the explanation of who the Anunnaki and the Rephaim were, some of the mysteries of Stonehenge and the Scandinavian Ragnarok, and last but not least, the truth about the Book of Enoch and who the 'fallen angels' were. Some of these topics became involved because of my search for the meaning of the symbolic codes; others were a by-product that I had inadvertently stumbled upon.

At this time I think it is important to explain what the mystical numbers of 3, 7, and 9 stands for. These codes refer to our place in the solar system that were known to the ancients in the far distant past. We are the 3rd planet from the sun, the 7th coming in from the outside and there are 9 planets (bodies) in all. In fact all of our religious symbols and codes are based in the sciences of biology and astronomy. There is absolutely nothing 'spiritual' about them at all. We, as humans, are only rediscovering now what was known on the other side of recorded time. A time now lost to us that exist only as faint echoes.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have just read and that perhaps it has given you some food for thought, something that you can share with family or friends. Some of you may recall reading this paper while I had it up on Scribd and also on Yahoo. I have been trying to draw the differing paths together for some time.

I have now completed my book that is on Amazon.  Below is a brief description of what the book entails.

The above paragraphs are just a very small part of a book that is titled, RESURGENCE of an Ancient Code - Hidden Mysteries Revealed  by M.C.Lane.

The main focus of this book is about an ancient code and a map that was set into the sky in some long ago era beyond the mists of time. Generations upon generations of individuals have carried this code down to us. Their bones, many long decayed and turned to dust, are the framework of this book. What you will read in it has not been revealed in this way before now. It will be up to the reader to decide what the ancients were trying to tell us when they set the codes in the sky. It is one of the greatest mysteries you will ever read. I use the word 'greatest' because the past and the future may depend on us deciphering it.

I have made the book affordable to everyone.  The minimum that Amazon demands is $9.99, so I have set the price at $10.99.  My intent was not to get rich on this book but to get the word out to all who want to 'know',  and perhaps to give some peace to others.

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