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The Nagas of India and the Reptilian Extraterrestrials

My occult investigations show that the reptilian extraterrestrials who many New Age teachers say are the preeminent enemy of mankind do not exist. I was not surprised to discover that the New Age movement has once again transformed archetypes of the collective unconscious mind into “extraterrestrials” with an existence independent of humanity. There are probably thousands of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy that are hosts to life, and many of them may have intelligent life, but I do not imagine that there is a species which exactly resembles the dinosaurs of earth---except that these dinosaurs are at most 12 feet tall. And yet that is what many clairvoyants claim to have seen in underground military bases around the world. They love to eat human beings, by the way. They are supposed to possess susceptible people and those who are possessed in this way have vertical slits instead of normal human pupils. The vertical slit does not always show itself, however, and most of the time the possessed person will appear to be perfectly normal. Angelina Jolie has been identified as one of these and it is even possible to see photographs of her that display the vertical pupils, no doubt with a little help from Photoshop. Queen Elizabeth II is another reptilian in our midst and a video shows her gazing fondly at a little girl to whom she hands a rose. Dangerous gift! For the Queen has strips of human flesh in her freezer and by eating these she can retain her youthfulness indefinitely. She especially likes children.

The New Age movement has once again made itself a laughingstock among true intellectuals by failing to see that clairvoyant sight can, in many cases, be nothing more (or less) than visionary sight, the sight that Carl Jung possessed when he explored the realm of the unconscious mind. The New Age teachers have created a modern mythology in which outer space has replaced the heaven worlds and the chthonic worlds in which gods and demons once lived. I expected more of these teachers. I would have hoped that educated people with access to the insights of depth psychology would do more than mindlessly externalize their visions and mistake an inner reality for an outer enemy. The real danger is not that we shall fear an enemy that does not exist but that we will miss the real significance of this visionary material. What does it mean that the reptilians have conspired with the great powers of the earth to enslave humanity, that they are heartless, that they eat human flesh? My interpretation of the phenomenon of the “evil” reptilians is that the kundalini of millions of people is awakening spontaneously as we enter what will be, in fact, a new age. But we are in a phase of this awakening when the kundalini appears to be our enemy. In Hindu and Buddhist mythology the kundalini goddess appears in a wrathful and destructive form when her host (the yogi or yogini) consciously or unconsciously opposes her by clinging to the ego and its desires and aversions. She is also the enemy of the unconscious complexes (vasanas) that resist enlightenment. The female Tyrannosaurus Rex that inhabits an underground military base and eats human flesh is one thing and one thing only: a modern vision of Kali. We have become accustomed to the Kali that we see on Hindu altars and she does not actually frighten anyone. Now she comes in a form that does frighten us, and many otherwise intelligent people are genuinely concerned that she will use her military forces (equivalent to the ancient dakinis) and human co-conspirators (evil yogis) to enslave humanity.

Those who are possessed by the serpent deity Kundalini can indeed become heartless and “inhuman” if they are unconscious of the reality of their awakening, for the kundalini activates the lower chakras before it reaches the higher chakras, and these correspond to the lower centers of the brain that make up what scientists call the “reptilian brain”. These centers govern the fight or flight response and the desire to survive, to acquire possessions and power, and to take vengeance upon enemies. The “reptilians” are possessed by these desires---but they are only the age-old human desires that have made our history what it is.

The New Age teachers claim that the reptilian extraterrestrials have presented images of themselves to people throughout history in order that we might “get used to them” as a preparatory step in their ambition to rule the world. This idea is a sad misinterpretation of the many ways in which images of the kundalini have entered mythologies around the world. The Uraeus in the crown of the Egyptian Pharaohs is a well-known example of this imagery. Its significance it that the man in whom the kundalini is awakened is enlightened and powerful (because of his siddhis) and is in fact divine. Only such a man can rule the people. But images of the kundalini as a power of divinity can be found almost everywhere we look. Moses holds aloft a serpent on a staff and it can heal---but even the serpent in the Garden of Eden is a god.

Kundalini images are especially abundant in India because its people have preserved the science of yoga and practiced it from time immemorial. Not everyone in the west is familiar with the Nagas or serpent deities that are worshiped primarily in the villages of South India and the Deccan Plateau. Their queen is called Padmavati. She does not seem to be very important, but her name resembles the name that I may tentatively give to the “Lotus Goddess” that scholars tell us was the foremost deity of the ancient civilization of the Indus River Valley at Mohenjo Daro. When we translate “Lotus Goddess” into Sanskrit the result is Padma Devi---the exact equivalent of Padmavati. I can claim no scholarship for this derivation of the name of Padmavati, but if the kundalini is as important as I think it is it makes perfect sense. I do not know what the actual ancient name of the “Lotus Goddess” was. The language of that people cannot have been Sanskrit.

The following excerpt from the Srimad Bhagavatam describes Nagaloka, the planet of the “reptilians”. I think that the reference to the prominent Nagas as “extremely angry” is amusing. I am reminded of the Buddhist Master who, when troubled by a buzzing fly, killed it saying “Come back in a better form!” People will be people, even when they are almost enlightened. Here is Srimad Bhagavatam 5.24.31:

“Beneath Rasatala is another planetary system, known as Patala or Nagaloka, where there are many demoniac serpents, the masters of Nagaloka, such as Sankha, Kulika, Mahasankha, Sveta, Dhananjaya, Sankhacuda, Kambala, Asvatara and Devadatta. The chief among them is Vasuki. They are all extremely angry, and they have many, many hoods---some snakes five hoods, some seven, some ten, others a hundred and others a thousand. These hoods are bedecked with valuable gems and the light emanating from the gems illuminates the entire planetary system of bila-svarga.”

This is undoubtedly a vision of a “place” or loka in the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

In the picture below Nagas guard the "Sanctuary of Truth" temple in Pattaya, Thailand.

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Comment by cluthin drew on September 29, 2017 at 2:58am

The serpent archetype as a negative one comes straight out of fundamentalist Christianity. This conception ignores a whole strand of positive New testament symbolism of the serpent as a salvivic figure for example the comparison of Jesus Christ with a serpent in Johns Gospel which ultimately derives from the fact that by Hebrew gematria serpent and messiah have the same number. There is also the saying preserved in the synoptic gospels "be wise as Serpents and gentle as Doves". which ultimately derives from the "Tantric" aspects of the Asherah Mysteries.

As a traditionalist I take issue however with the assumption that the serpent powers are mere aspects of the collective unconscious. I hold that such beings  do exist in a "parallel" spiritual reality and exert a beneficent influence on humanity. The fact that underdeveloped clairvoyants with Fundamentalist Christian unconscious perceptions can get it all reversed shows the woefully poor levels of clairvoyant  training in New Age circles! This is particularly egregious because several excellent methods of accurate methods of Clairvoyance training have been in the public domain for over a century!!!  

Comment by Pythia on September 29, 2017 at 5:10am

I do agree with you when you say that the serpent powers are not mere aspects of the collective unconscious. Even within depth psychology there are scientific-reductionistic tendencies and schools and mystical-spiritual tendencies and schools. In my view the "human" collective "unconscious" mind is co-extensive with the universe, for man is not by any means separate from reality in both its spiritual and material aspects. The nagas do in fact exist as nature spirits---the highest development of nature spirits. Their serpentine form is symbolic, as such things tend to be, and they also have the human form of most nature spirits. The nagas both male and female are the spiritual masters among the nature spirits, who differ from human masters in that, like nature spirits in general, they are more erotic than the average human being. The "sexual shakti" of the nagas means that their sadhana will almost invariably take the form of sexual tantra. I did not elaborate upon this in my article and kept within the bounds of conservative Jungian psychology because I wanted to emphasize the fact the the nagas are a part of us and not an extraterrestrial species. Actually, between you and me, even if the nagas were an extraterrestrial species they would still be a part of us. Where do "I" end, and where does "another" being begin? But I can scarcely expect the New Age teachers to understand such concepts. For all their talk about Ascended Masters and ascension I hear precious little or nothing in their dictations about moksha, mukti, satori, or nirvana---in other words, enlightenment. Enlightenment at is simplest is the realization that you and I are one and not two. My mind is all because nothing is my own.

Comment by Pythia on September 29, 2017 at 5:47am

So the nagas are nature spirits and they are also symbolic forms of our own kundalini. The picture I selected is a case in point, for it is a depiction of Buddha Shakyamuni protected by nine nagas. In this case the nagas are his own shakti. Incidentally there are a great many photographs of this sculpture on Google images, but one that comes from Pinterest has the caption "The so called Hindu/Buddhist false god the actual Devil on its throne with snakes & Dev-dasis/Sex Slaves". Whether we should consider this kind of comment humorous or tragic I don't know. Since I am in a good mood today I shall laugh at it. I think I would rather be a Dev-dasi than sing in the Christian choir.

Comment by cluthin drew on September 29, 2017 at 11:16pm

Once again we find our selves in partial agreement.Your point about enlightenment is also valid. It is another example of reified christian fundamentalism. The whole contemporary new Age Phenomena lacks roots and most of its beliefs are but a thinly disgusted form of white middle class protedtsnt patriarchial Christianity (Fortunately that is not the only kind)! Your remark about Ascended Masters and Ascension is a perfect example! Ascension = Rapture. As far as the Inane remarks about the  stature is concerned where in the christian scriptures does it say that the devil has sex slaves. Personal y I think that if the Dev-dasis are sex-slaves and are in hell I might just drop in and borrow some! Does anyone know the address!!

Comment by Spiralmatrix on October 1, 2018 at 3:31am

new age teachings over generalize reptilian beings and everything else, and talk vaguely about spirituality instead of participating in it. raising your vibration makes you more dense, and you sink like a stone. oscillation is the one to raise to increase your frequencies. see physics about frequency. in my opinion there has been much respectable content in what youve said. theres a lot i could say about "new age spirituality", however i usually find that the followers speak very well for themselves in revealing ways.

Comment by cluthin drew on October 1, 2018 at 5:59am

The Serpent mysteries are important from both a physical and paraphysical perspective. An example of the paraphysical aspect is to be found in the spiritual praxis of the Kalahari bushmen. In this Praxis the Bushmen describe a serpent of fire as being manifest in their spines during ritual activities. Most academics are in agreement that the Bushmen's Praxis contains remnants of primitive African spiritual praxis. It is in this light that the Ancient Egyptian Iconography should be understood.

As far as the psychological mysteries are concerned the reader is referred to the book The Serpent Grail, with the caveat that this book is only one of many on the Subject. 

Comment by Pythia on October 1, 2018 at 7:06am

One year later I am inclined to accept the basic New Age contention that conscious life in the Milky Way galaxy is for the most part either reptilian or mammalian. Accordingly, if extraterrestrial visitors have come to the earth then some of them may have been reptilians. But I still contend that a great deal of confusion exists in the New Age movement about kundalini symbols. They should direct our attention to our inner life and not to beings from other planets.

Some of the New Age teachers live in fear, and their fear is contagious. I hope that a calm, courageous attitude is also contagious.

Comment by cluthin drew on October 2, 2018 at 4:36am

I think that it does not matter what the percentages of lifeforms in the Galaxy are. It must be remembered that the universe as a whole is alive and that includes rocks, stars and galaxies. There is a unified "Soul of the Universe to which we all belong. However, there is also a transcendent being beyond the bounds of space and time which is not identical to the world soul.

I think the best way of understanding such matters is by recourse to a statement of Rudolf Stiner "whatever is perceived as a force is on a higher level a being". How the universe is perceived depends upon the level and discipline of one's clairvoyance. New age teachers lack both these qualities!

Comment by Pythia on October 2, 2018 at 6:47pm

Well, some of them lack those qualities. One thing I have learned in the past year is not to be too hasty or to generalize too much in my criticism of others.


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