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In an article I posted on Pagan Space on Aug. 24 I revealed the fact that the Maria virginem or Virgin Mary venerated by Christians, chiefly in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, is not the true mother of Yeshua (Jesus). His real mother can also be called Maria, but to avoid confusion I shall call her Mariam of Nazareth. A powerful group of 13 extraterrestrial Masters---a Supreme Master and twelve disciples---expelled Mariam from the Brotherhood of Masters when she refused to lie about the conception of her son. When she left, Yeshua left with her. Two Adepts from the 13 were put in their place. This occurred in 431 CE, immediately after the Council of Ephesus proclaimed Maria Theotokos or Mother of God. The emperor Theodosius II, who convened the Council, was the true ruler of the Church that his predecessor Constantine founded. In heaven the Supreme Master was nothing less than another Theodosius.

I am aware of the need that everyday people have for an image of the feminine nature of Godhead and the false Maria supplied that---with grave errors, however. The doctrine that the 13 devised---that Maria was a virgin who conceived her son by the “Holy Spirit”---was designed not only to hide a scandalous illegitimate birth, but to make it easy for these repressive Masters to “shut down” human sexuality in Europe. If they could have done so, it would have fulfilled a goal that they held through many an age. Let me explain.

The Great White Brotherhood that we discover in the Ascended Master Teachings of someone like Elizabeth Clare Prophet is an organization that purports to be as good and as faultless as its members. If the members of that august body are Ascended Masters, then the group can do no harm. It is shocking to discover, however, that there are factions among the Masters, and that not all of them are loyal to this planet first. They respond to various voices in the Galaxy. In the so-called “Great Central Sun”---the name that Mrs. Prophet gives to the galactic center---we find, once again, factions. Some are radical, some reactionary. These labels also demand an explanation.

I would like to propose, for the sake of mental clarity, a schemata in which a Right Hand wishes to impose upon humanity a Law with stringent punishments, the ultimate aim of which is the elimination of “instinct” or “nature” in the human psyche. One of the chief aims of the Right Hand is the control and eventual elimination of sexuality, provided only that some means be left in place for the transfer of genetic information from the male to the female. It must be understood that the Masters of the Right Hand are extraterrestrial Adepts who have nothing like human sexuality on their home planets.

We can see immediately how the doctrine of the virginal conception of Christ and its companion doctrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary aids and abets the plans of the Right Hand. The Adept whom the Right Hand chose as Mariam’s replacement, the goddess Cybele or Kybele, was herself a Right Hand Master. The Mystery Cult of Cybele and Attis was the form that her teaching assumed in the ancient Mediterranean world. In her myth, Attis castrates himself and bleeds to death when he is driven mad with guilt and fear---because he wished to marry a mortal woman and thereby break his priestly vows to Cybele. A major temple to Cybele stood on the Vatican Hill in Rome where the Basilica of St. Peter was eventually built. The Romans called Cybele Magna Mater Deum or “Great Mother of the Gods”. When she became Maria virginem in her new temple on the same site as the old one, she assumed the title Mater Dei or Mother of God. Her son Attis became the Imperial Christ, in reality an Antichrist.

Because the 13 Masters had no truth in them, their new church could not teach the truth. Looking back upon her expulsion from the Brotherhood, Mariam offers us this reflection: “When we depart from truth, truth departs from us. Then we forget who we really are. At least one person must not depart from truth.” Most of her subsequent incarnations were in eastern lands, and she became a Master of the Vedanta (Hinduism) and the Mahayana (Buddhism). In one of her masculine incarnations she was Ramanujacharya. She was also a Sufi Master at various times.

The Masters of the Left Hand emphasize the need for love and compassion and the positive values of human relationship even at the expense of strict adherence to Law. The aim of surpassing the limits imposed upon us by human instinct is understated in the Left Hand, although it is still present. This aim can take the form of sublimation instead of suppression. The path of sublimation cannot be imposed upon anyone by law but should invite us to voluntarily engage in progressively higher and purer forms of love in our personal relationships, in society, and in culture. Yeshua and Mariam (the true Maria) are Masters of the Left Hand.

Below: An ancient relief of Cybele and Attis superimposed upon a photograph of the cathedral that was built upon the site of Cybele's temple. It is the Vatican Hill in Rome.

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