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                                  The Power Of Music & The Drum


Since I am a music lover and a DJ, I have a a wide taste in music when I am providing dance music for events. But what gets to me the most would have to be my own love of celtic, accapella and drumming.

 Have you ever been a part of or participated in a drumming circle? Were you able to feel the beat and rhythm of the drumming within your body, then to find yourself being carried away in your mind to a place that is mysical and orpeaceful?

Have you ever found yourself letting go, to feel your body moving along with the beat of the drums and having the rhythmic sounds carry you to a stress free place where you can be yourself?

This is the power of music and the drum.

Do you have a certain style of music that you listen to when you have had a stressful event or day and you need an outlet to calm your body, your mind, and soul?

 Just by sitting still and listening to the music, the rhythm, the words it can help your body to relax or to create joy and happiness within which can help to make a bad situation fade into something more positive.

 Music is a way to let go of frustrations, to transport yourself to a place that is peaceful and comfortable.

 Music is an energy all of its own which effects  our souls deep within.

 This is the power of music and the drum.


 By  Lynn Williams

 Coralville, IA

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