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The seven jeweils/treasures and the ten directions

And there came a Dragon out of the waters having seven Heads and ten Horns.

The significance of this dragons features of revelation isn't very obvious, but when you look at buddhism and other eastern Religions you may Understatement, that this dragon was an ancient god.

There are many depictions of a Dragon or snake with seven heads: shesha the serpent covering vishnu, sumerian dragons slain by ancient sun gods. The significance here is, that These snakes/dragons represent the goddesses of the Material Worldwide, especially the moon goddesses. This goddess has seven phases (seven dark/seven light parts).

The sun is slaying or overtaking the darkness of the moon. These seven principles represent the seven aspects of perceiving this world (ear, eye, nostril, mouth, nostril, eye, ear). We can perceive these either with our rational or creative mind. The rational is geometric and physical, like a snowflake with six arms. The creative is colorful and immaterial, like light with it's seven spectres. Togeither they make the flower or seed of Life, Just like the seven candlesticks of the menorah. Either we get ruled by our senses and the poisonous snake/dragon, or we obtain "enlightenment" through the shining divine serpent shesha etc.

Maitreya will put His foot seven Times in the divine ten directions. These ten directions represent the eight dSpikes dhamma wheel laying flat or the star of inanna, combined with the upper and lower directions. As above so below

They also represent the ten sephiroth, or nine norse worlds with the Base of yggdrasil.

They can also mean the ten planets, but most significantly the ten directions we can move and put our feet (ten toes) on.


First the dhamma Bull is standing in four legs. Each yuga he looses one leg. First three then two then one.

There is many depictions of a bull with only one leg. The white buffalo of the Lakota. The one legged Apis bull (god min or Osiris), the Chinese kui(shou), ekapada (Shiva) and other ancient gods standing on one foot or having only one leg.

The meaning of this one foot is malkuth the ground pillar of creation. Just like the stem of a mushroom or tree (of Life)

This is the first emanation (Obelisk, Phallus, source of Creation). Adam kadmon was the first being, male and female, having one flesh then god Divided the flesh (from Fish to legged being). And Eve was Born from his SIDE (rib). He divided binah and chokmah, left and right brain or leg.

Birds who are standing in one leg, sleep with half of their brains. You have the Same Thing in Meditation. The Person crosses one leg (rational brain) and leaves the other Open (creative brain)

Through this the practitioner is getting into a meditative state, allowing him/her to perceive the oneness of god or the root of the senses (pure consciousness). It is like the churning of the milk ocean, uniting ones demons and angels to drink the soma of immortality, poison of the mushroom, milk of the cow, male waters of creation etc.

Here I made another depiction of the seven, ten and other numbers in the divine blueprint:

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Comment by Enigma on May 12, 2018 at 4:02pm

I do believe that much of ancient mythology is what was observed in the movements of the heavenly bodies (i.e. sun, moon, planets, stars, comets, meteors...).


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