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Early this morning I was jolted awake with inspiration flowing through me for one of my various book length writing projects, and I wrote for the better part of an hour since my brain wouldn't silence all the ideas that it was churning up to the surface. Anyway, this was what I was led to write, before I finally crashed for a few more hours of sleep (I didn't want to forget what was coming to me!).  Therefore, I call this "brief" passage my "midnight mental note":
"After a period of time of consistent use, the Altar will transmute into a spiritual nexus that may be occasionally tapped when one faces distress, or is in need, during sporadic experiments of “Energy Work.” Doing so too frequently will exhaust the reserves of one’s Spiritual Nexus of Power, unless it is particularly well established after several generations of usage!
"Indeed, any place that is constantly employed for ritual and magical activity for any extended period of time will, likewise, transform into a Nexus of Spiritual Power; and thereby assist one’s magical operations much like a musician’s amplifier that transcends the time-space continuum. This is why Witches and Pagans of all denominations are drawn to pre-Christian spiritual centers, such as Neolithic stone circles and the remnants of ancient Temples that once housed the holy presence our gods.
"Do be advised, however, that not all Spiritual Nexuses are of an equal constitution! By this, I mean they may have been formed in the presence of particularly negative ritual-magical activity—some involving contemporary ritual animal or even human sacrifice, depending upon the particular indigenous culture involved. As with all matters of a spiritual constitution, which occupies a vast spectrum of possibilities, no individual nexus—save for those found within one’s own home or regular locus of worship—will be copacetic with the work intended for it by a practitioner of Magick. As with any locus of power, it may have been established by a tradition and a culture that is foreign to the Witch, such as the traditions of Hinduism, Santeria, and even Voodoo. Therefore, the spirits invoked upon that locus or site may not be as appreciative of one’s presence from another tradition, no matter how well-intentioned. But, then again, one may be dealing with a Spiritual Nexus formed by black magical activity, which will be unlikely to serve any constructive purpose as it vibrates on an opposing energetic polarity. One can easily determine the polarity of a Nexus by “listening” to their intuition and whether or not an area feels foreboding and even nauseating. Likewise, one can determine if a Nexus is of a positive disposition by gut-instinct or intuition, which will feel somewhat like a spiritual ecstasy; unless, of course, one is unfamiliar with the distinctive nuances of spiritual energies since they can feel quite overwhelming, and even awesome to the inexperienced and uninitiated! A particularly potent Spiritual Nexus of either polarity, however, may induce sudden feelings of vertigo.
"If one can determine that a negative Spiritual Nexus is definitively present, such a Point of Power can be modified and ultimately reshaped to much more positive spiritual inclination by re-consecrating the land followed by regular magical activity at that place. A Nexus is essentially a binary feature or doorway, with the Will of the Magician yielding a particular spiritual curvature to the site, whether it be “positive” or “negative” to use our inapt and banal language to describe the dual nature of this universal Force. However, if one should cross upon a particularly hazardous Nexus to human habitation—some being the work of Nature itself, or particularly negative patterns of human activity—it may be necessary to ritually ward that area with protective gestures in order prevent that negative essence from creeping out and wreaking havoc upon the living, such as humans and our domestic pets who are particularly susceptible to such energies. One might consider smudging the area with incense before erecting a boundary of salt and iron, unless one can contact a clergy-person from a particular faith with the knowledge and experience with which to neutralize such a spiritually hostile Nexus of Power involving indigenous rituals and techniques for absolving the situation."

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Comment by cluthin drew on October 19, 2017 at 1:23am

As usual this is accurate and informative, I would like to add that the morphology of the nexus point makes a considerable difference to the stability of the Nexus for example certain types of rock strata and even weather conditions can make a difference. For an interesting discussion of these matters see "Earth Lights" and "Earth Lights Revelations" by Paul Deveraeux.


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