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Human sexuality will soon face the overt opposition of the Masters of the Ageless Wisdom when their Master, the Buddha Maitreya, announces his presence to the world. The Masters have consistently taught that there is only one purpose for sex, namely the propagation of our species. I myself have questioned this and have asserted that sex has another legitimate purpose, for it forges bonds of relationship and thereby strengthens marriages. My ideas, however, have not made any headway. At the same time sex is experiencing an efflorescence that has been equaled only at certain times in history, for example during the early, pagan years of the Roman Empire. This efflorescence is centered in Hollywood and is a matter not only of movies and television but---even more so---the private lives of the celebrities who work in that city. Here the worship of Astarte or Aphrodite can be found, although it is not evident to the public. The actors and actresses have become skilled in the art of the erotic dream, and some make use of sexual magic.

At issue are two very different viewpoints concerning human nature, instinct, and religion. We will know the purpose of sex if we know the purpose of life---but many different philosophical perspectives are possible. An extremely erotic woman like Anais Nin will never agree with the anti-erotic Arthur Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer presents us with a Buddhism for the west, and the Will to Live (der Wille zu leben) that he describes is tantamount to the blind craving (tanhā) described by the Buddha. For someone like Anais Nin that craving can be called love.

Below: Anais Nin in my conception.

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Comment by Monkey on May 25, 2018 at 8:26am

How about an alternative? God is dead, we have killed him, logically we are now god and faced with meaninglessness. The time of a transcendent core are gone. All we can do is keep the last vestiges until we die. 

Comment by Meridian - The Idaean on May 25, 2018 at 5:57pm

On a post by Bubbles, on anti aging solutions, I suggested the reason for sex -

Science might offer us longevity, and better health for a longer period, but it won't give us immortality. Which is something of a nonsense word, as this would suggest you can't be killed, as opposed to living forever. 

Spirituality, offers us a chance to break this negative loop, of being born and then reaching the point where we die. We need something to bridge this gap, for the longevity we want. Which is the 'great work' of Alchemy, turning lead into gold using sex as the intermediary. A woman's elemental nature is water, and a man is fire, two incompatible elements which can be united with love, but it must be true love.  By integrating these two elements we would create an indestructible body of a much higher vibration.

It's the difference between our parents attempt at achieving the 'super orgasm' and our birth, as we were conceive in sin. Not as a crime, but as a failure, because if they had succeeded we would not be here.

However, any children born from this kind of work would be by themselves children of exceptional ability.

Perhaps they will learn to close this gap? 

Comment by Enigma on May 26, 2018 at 9:03pm

On the most basic of levels, sex is for propagation. But the human mind is very creative and has found a way to enhance the pleasures of the flesh through use of its imagination.


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