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i was up for a few hours last night, after awhile i fell into a strange sleep. immediately i found myself in a strange dream, in this dream i had sold my soul to someone to get what i needed. and every so often i could see what looked like a graveyard in the distance of my sight, and i would hear a calming voice that would remind me that it wouldnt be very long before its time to go. well after dodging the though of losing my soul for awhile the time finally came, and i stood in my backyard and looked over the fence into the graveyard, and the voice reassured me i only have 5 minutes left, i told i knew. i decided to speak with the voice for my remaining 5 minutes, and asked it if there was anyway to stop this transaction from happening, it told me no, but it did tell me that i have 2 souls, and that people like me have to protect something, and thats what the second soul is for so when we die we can use it to save ourselves. i then asked it "what do most people sell their souls for, you know how i sold mine to ............. ?(i could not make out what I said)" the voice told me, "most people choose to bring someone back to life." i felt a massive amount of dread, then it continued to say, "those with 2 souls usually use their wish to bring back the thing they had to protect.", i asked it if that means most people failed, the voice confirmed this. i stood there and though for a second, then the voice reminded me i have about 3 minutes left, i then asked it, "what if i run?" the voice chuckled and replied, "you can try to run, but your trying to out running death." i then asked "is it anoying when people try to run?" it replied, "not really, i kinda enjoy it." i then asked me, "what are you going to do?", i replied, "i dont know, ive come to except what i did, and i dont really want to run, since i never found what i had to protect.", the voice responded, "ohh im sorry." i told it "its ok". i stood there looking at the graveyard, the voice then reminded me i have 2 minuted left. i thought for a second, and hopped over the fence and into the graveyard, and as soon as i did the fence behind me disappeared and turned into more graveyard, and i started walking forward. as i got further i found that this wasnt a graveyard at all, it was a beautiful place modeled after a graveyard, and i came to a spot with a few chairs and a patio by the side of the road. i walked up to the table and i was suprised to see a woman walk around from on of the statues, she had pure white hair just as oracle does, and appeared to be in her early 40's, and she spoke to me, "so got bored of waiting so you came here for me to kill you huh?" i replied "no not really i just wanted to see where i was going to end up". she chuckled in that familier way, and i knew the voice was her, she then asked if i wanted to just have my head cut off quickly with no pain, i then noticed she was carrying a scythe, she swung it at me and i ducked, it barley missed me. she asked me why i dodged it if i wanted to die, i responded, "i didnt say that." she responded with an "ohhhh" i continued, "i kinda wanted to ask you these things in person", she nodded  and smiled, i then blurted out, "oracle, tell me about oracle, you can cant you?" she shoke her head no, and saw it bothered me. she asked me if i wanted a cup of tea, and i accepted. after awhile i asked her how much time i had left, she told me in this place time is distorted, and that ive got about 1 minute and 45 seconds left, i then spoke to her "this place it strange but i like it here."  she said "thats good." i then asked her "is this heaven.", "no.", "what is this place?", "i cant tell you that, but i can tell you i like it here the people are nice and theres alot to do." i then had to ask, "so your the grim reaper?" "nope." i responded, "but i though.." she interrupted me before i could finish "nah im not the grim reaper, i just work for him." i asked "you mean you have no choice." she smiled and replied "no its not like that, its just a job, besides it has to be done." i replied "ohhh i see". we finished our tea, and enjoyed the scenery for awhile, she then spoke with a smile, "1 minute 45 seconds left" i nodded, she then added "you know no one has ever walked into this place before, they all either run away, or wait for time to run out." i though it was kinda funny, so i told her "im actually glad the person that has to claim me is someone like you." she smiled and thanked me, i then asked her if she would tell me her story she agreed but asked me why, i told her it was because i havent decided whether i want to sell my second soul or not, and i would make my decision after her story, she smiled and agreed, and before she began i asked her "it is alright isnt it, the grim reaper wont me mad or anything" she comforted me and told me it was alright.

she began to tell me her story, she was once a powerful mage just like me, she had 2 companions, and one day during a fight with a demon, one of her companions was scratched on the side of the face, but they won. after sometime the scratch became infected and started taking over him body, and eventually they had to kill him, i told her it was a sad story, she responded saying i know, she proceeded with the story as we walked around, we met alot of different people, and they were all kind and polite. we walked down the road and she continued with her story telling me that she was afraid the same thing might happen to others when they get scratched, i commented accordingly, she went on to tell me that her comrade eventually died in battle and she soon after. i then asked her about her powers, and she explained them, she had all the same powers as me but with a few extras, after that she asked me about my life story, and i explained to her about how i have a good entity living within me, and she guides me and helps me, after some time and telling her my story she asked about my powers, and i explained them to her. after some thinking she told me that this entity is what im supposed to protect, and told me something that i couldnt hear, she walked off and i didnt follow, i proceded to speak to the people here, and after some time she came back and gave me the good news, she found that the contract with my soul is null and void, i asked her how, she told me i never received what i asked for, and told me she will send me home.


it was at this moment i woke up.

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Comment by Melissa Selby on January 31, 2013 at 2:33pm

Whoa, this is a really weird dream! It sounds really cool! =)

Comment by Donald Gardner on February 1, 2013 at 6:54pm

reposted but with a few changes made after i finished waking up.


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