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I have been researching a lot about ancient cultures and found out that there is many similarities among some of them. So there has to be an origin for all of them.

What interests me the most is some stunning connections among a few I have selected out and i think these are part of an ancient community which is Is-Ra-El

The first I want to talk about is the Lakota. Their goddess is white buffalo woman. In some subgroups called white shell woman. She has seven teachings, which are also mentioned in other tribes as the seven grandfather teachings. I think the cherokee were part of these people too.

Next we have the kogi of colombia. They have Aluna, goddess of the sea and with her you see the similarity to white shell woman, because they use white shells for their deeds and other stuff. They also have lead er groups (mamos) of seven, like a council of the best shamans.

Now in mongolia we have the oirat tribes, a community of mongolian tribes. I think the buddhist goddess (white) Tara was originally from these people. She also has seven teachings/wisdoms.

Next we go to africa. There we have the tuareg, but also the igbo. The tuareg have white camels as a tribute to their white queen and the igbo have Ogbuide, again a water goddess depicted with the color white. I think there is a connection to kwanzaa and this is a modern worship of the seven teachings of maat.

The samurai of Japan also have seven teachings (bushido) and old japanese is similar to the hebrew alphabet.

I think the origins are phonecian, who had their shepherd kings, which could have also included zoroastrianism and the seven amesha spenta.

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Comment by cluthin drew on January 7, 2018 at 1:43am

The study of comparative mythology on its own is inconclusive if you consider perspectives such as Jung's collective Unconscious theory. However a new avenue of research has been opened up by the book Eden in the East in which the Author compares and tests the relationship between Myth Motifs distribution and DNA distribution and concludes that in some cases there is a statistically significant relationship between the two. When there is a similar study of the motifs you mention we shall be on firmer ground!


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