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There is many ancient depictions of the tree of life, but the true meanings are hidden in mystery.

In this post I want to share with you some really interesting descriptions that help to solve the puzzle of it's true meaning.

The tree of life was worshipped since very ancient times. It is depicted in many sumerian and even older civilisations. Often you see a tree bearing fruits or a pillar with mushrooms or other things extending from it.

Now what is the meaning behind this?

Nature? Kind of, but that is only a broad explanation many people can't understand.

Drugs? Yes and no, since drugs can both be productive, but also very destructive.

Now that is actually the description. Creating new life and the destruction of it. Hot summer and cold winter.

First we have a fruit or seed (male). Then it falls into the ground (female). This fruit creates roots in the ground (female) and a trunk or pillar into the sky (male).

This cycle repeats itself until the New tree bears fruit in summer, where it's leaves flourish. Energy is in the crown.

After that it's leaves fall off in winter and it's energy falls down to it's roots.

Spring=rising energy (fire), summer=crown full leaves/flowers (air), fall=descending energy (water/rain) and winter=root energy (earth).

You can see the same thing in volcanoes, water drops inside a water pit etc.

The energy, drop (seed) falls down into the ground or pit then pressure gets created. The pressure releases into the air aigain and then falls back to the earth.

Seed, roots, trunk, crown, trunk, roots, (seed)

That's why our sexual energy is actually divine because tree male is the seed and the female the ground which creates new life.

Etz ha chayim ~ "tree of LIVES" or creating life

Etz ha daat tob ve ra ~ "tree of knowledge of good and evil" creative and destructive energies of the brain with the serpent aka reptilian brain inside it.

The root chakra is divine energy and if we hide it (because adam was afraid) we don't  receive it's powers. Not that we should run around naked, but we should elevate the sexual energy which is the root chakra, connecting us to the divine earth. So we shouldn't make it filthy with just having sex with everything. We should elevate tree evil inclination with the good one. "Mashiach" anointed (genital waters) the stone bringing forth water through the staff of moshe.

The good inclination, which gets born at tree age of 13 or puberty. The evil we have to purify during our life, but we should not abandon this godly power, or we fall short of it's power.

Be Fruitful and multiply.


Aleph (head/brain) luvah (bind) yam (sea/sexual waters)

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Comment by cluthin drew on December 30, 2017 at 1:48am

The tree of life has many simultaneous meanings for a semi yogic interpretation as given here See The Tree at the naval of the Earth by AE Butterworth and for the hallucinogenic interpretation see Manna by Dan Merkur!

Comment by Midrash on December 30, 2017 at 5:23am

You should study these things instead:

Comment by cluthin drew on December 31, 2017 at 12:32am

Thank you for your coment! I have made extensive studies already and I am an adept of several Taoist and Tantric groups! I confined my remarks to to the Hebrew Traditions because that is what you apeared to be Discussing!

Comment by Midrash on December 31, 2017 at 6:19am

Think you


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