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A Man of Magick and Mystery
Some call him a Demon
Others call him an Angel
But he is all Warlock

A Woman of Magick and Beauty
Some call her the Devil's Helper
Others call her a Wise Woman
But she's all Witch

When they make love the passion is all too real
He plays a melody with her body she always feel
The love he shows for her seems so endlessly
By destiny or by spell they have perfect chemistry
Her Protector and Dark Lord he seeks only Serenity
But swords and his staff he counts among his weaponry
Deadly with spells even more lethal with his hands
His enemies are wise to flee or die where they stand
His Witch is his Lady an equal in beauty she has none
By the Power of the Universe His Will Be Done

He sees magick in her eyes
He senses the bewitching in the moves of her thighs
She's neither Good nor Evil and seeks to harm none
She will take no one's shit, from a fight she will not run
With herbs and potions her rituals she conducts
With words of power her spells she constructs
By the light of the moon she dances in the nude
With energy abound she feels renewed
Her Goddess she worships her Ancestors she reverence
Continually maintaining balance will test her endurance

She is the Ladyship to his Lordship
The Witch to his Warlock
They will love in this life
In death and beyond

~ Copyright © 2016 Lord MOGY

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