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The "Solar Logos" in the picture below is a term that Charles W. Leadbeater popularized in Theosophy, but its roots are ancient. In the west, Helios or Sol invictus was the principle deity of the Platonic School and the Mithraic mysteries in the final centuries of the Roman Empire. In India, the worship of Surya is one of the five principle branches of Hinduism, and yogis of all sects greet the rising sun with the Gayatri Mantra, a hymn to Savitr.

The name "Dharavi" literally means "One who holds the Sun" and is the name that the Divine Mother has chosen as a sign of her compassion for the poor in Dharavi, an immense slum in Mumbai, India---one instance among many of the sufferings of indigent people on every continent.

Mariam of Nazareth, the mother of the Prophet Yeshua (Jesus) is not---I must emphasize this---is not the Virgin Mary, who is an impostor. In fact, Mariam was tortured and burnt as a witch when she was the High Priestess of the Cathars in southern France. This occurred on 16 March 1244 at prat dels cremats, the "Field of the Burned" before the castle Montségur. Over 200 Cathar Perfects were burnt in an enormous pyre. In that lifetime her name was Elisabeth.

That was one life in the history of the Bodhisattva Tara. She also suffered horrendous deaths as Hypatia of Alexandria and Husayn ibn Mansur Al-Hallaj. I am aware of nine other violent deaths but I have not recovered the details. Click on the picture for a better view.

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Comment by cluthin drew on October 5, 2017 at 4:52am

he concept of a female Sun God is well known in many traditions for example the ancient Celts and Indo-Europeans had Sun goddesses and in fact to legend the mother of King Arthur was called Igrneand was named after the sun Goddess.

In Gardner's "Book of Shadows" there is a "concealed invocation to the Sun Goddess Sulis which is to be found on the Atheme hilt!

The image of"the woman clothed with the Sun" is part of a series of meditations speculate energy around the body deriving ultimately from  the ancient cult of Ashera, and still practised by Bretton Craft Witches.


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