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Traveling through the long dark tunnels of the Underworld last night, I encountered various people and places. A soul can travel quite rapidly when it leaves the physical body behind. Leaving all people behind, I headed down a very long tunnel of the Underworld.

The Underworld is not far from our plane of existence. You could look at it as a parallel universe or dimension. There are doorways along the tunnels of the Underworld that allow access back into our dimension. Sometimes these doorways are opened by spirits of the Underworld. Other times these doorways are opened by persons of our dimension. Like the old saying goes, “You were not born in a barn, close the door.” It is wise to close the door after passing into and out of the Underworld.

My destination was the Wylde, that is the exact spelling of the place name. It is far from any city and centers of population like village or town. It is the place where Nature has free reign and humans may, or may not, be welcome. The spirits of the Wylde run freely among the trees. They act in unpredictable and chaotic fashions. Sometimes they influence a person’s behavior and cause them to act uncivil. I don’t know why, but I wanted to go to the Wylde. I intentionally avoided the doorways that led to people and proceeded to the Wylde.

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