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Things you can do with the tarot cards

On Samhain, the Witches New Year, a lot of Pagans read the tarot cards to see what will happen in the coming year or for specific questions they might have.There are many things you can do with the tarot cards besides just a general reading.

Every year, I do a yearly reading for each month. This year I had 3 cards as a message to pay extra attention, since I had them last year too (but in different months). Here are my messages for November 2018 to October 2019 (I used the faerie cards):

Last year I also received a gift from a friend of Goddess tarot cards. I am currently using those cards for a weekly message. I shuffled the cards at the beginning of the year and then draw one each Sunday for a message for the week. They have been spot on for what I needed to know. For example, back in August I had a health issue and had to go to the doctor. The message for that week was to take the toxic foods, etc out of my system. Then when I went to the doctor, I found out I had the start of diabetes (which I have improved since then).

You can use the cards for meditation. If you want to get to know a card better or if you have a specific question or problem but don't want to do a general reading, you can shuffle the cards and pick the one card that is standing out to you. Then if you have meditated before, you can get in your space and use that card to explore the message in your mind and spirit; in other words: find yourself in the card picture and see what it is trying to tell you.

You can also work with a card for healing. If you heal yourself but want a little extra help, tarot cards can help you with that. Once you are in your meditation zone, you can have a conversation with the person or whoever is in the card. The information you receive could help you in healing yourself.

A lot of people might say there is only one correct deck to use for the tarot, but personally I use what calls to me, which a lot of the time are faerie cards. How can you receive the right message unless you are using a deck that is special to you or you feel energy from?

Enjoy your journey with the tarot cards and may you receive and understand the message that is meant for you.

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Comment by Osurdum on November 12, 2018 at 4:57pm

I used a deck I don't read from to create a vision board. 


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