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Think, think, thanks, thimk.

All we do is think.

I think. Do you think? I think I think that I think.

Thoughts can be very entangling. First we believe one thing, the next moment the other. Don't you think that you have a problem with your thinking?

Brahma doesn't exist. God does. Light is white. Noo....

Then why do you see it so? Because I think I know better.

Thoughts are an illusion, allways. They can reflect the truth but only if they are pure. If you shine with an red light on a blue object, you don't See it's actual color.

You think you know? You know what you think you know!

Knowing is an illusion and the truth. Think free from knowing. Know free from thinking.

Just see reality as it is. The earth it's flat, just because you don't live in the mountains. Stop thinking thoughts. Start thinking.

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Comment by Midrash on December 31, 2017 at 3:41pm

Okay now.

I've really blow this post up to sound more interesting, but here's what I am trying to say.

There is so much fake stuff in life and this fake stuff can even be very real. I do believe in organizations like illuminati or whatever. The thing is. You allways have some thoughts of how things really happen, but you don't.

That is when your life gets weird and see something like a pennywise monster in everything.

I've been in this stage I guess for around 10 years and you allways try to be good and then you just feel lost and don't know what to do. So I think I understand now that everyone on this planet allways blows things in life up for whatever reason.

If you have a job, you sometimes only turn around it. If you have a belief, you just can't get off of your view and don't accept other ways of thinking.

So just try to see that there is only one truth to reality. The rest is the fantasy action movie in our minds.

So don't take things too serious. Just be the way you feel comfortable with. But you shouldn't get egoistic or too less ego based. Just try to see life as it is and not in a bended mirror way. There is allways something more, you might miss. Just like a movie you've seen again.

There is one you and one all around you. The rest is metaphysics. Just leave it there until you understand it.


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