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I was a mess back in 2006, but that lady was just at the beginning of a long journey, that will never end, now I realize this.. 10 years later.

However it is how I see life on this journey, how I see others and most importantly, perfecting my coping skills and becoming all I can be..

I found such peace of mind over the past couple years and now practicing what I read. I am putting together my alter, I am creating a huge, Tree Of Life, to hang in my window. I am learning about the Gods and Goddess.

I have been called weird, which in the beginning hurt and scared me, but now, I laugh at those who say such things, because if my weirdness makes me unique.. all the better!  I do practice my Ojibway culture and learning more about that as time goes on as well. I do have frustrating days, where I wish I found this path much earlier in life because my 55 year old mind does not seem to absorb things like it use to. LOL

So with all this learning going on, I decide to make a Facebook page as well, to post my thoughts, along with graphics of others thoughts and also things I am practicing on any given day. I am slowly gaining a following, which does include some family members and slowly they are beginning to inquire more about this lady they thought they knew.

Like anyone else on a life path, I need inspiration, and seek people of like mind. I do read a lot from this site and post as well. Please if you are on Facebook, feel free to follow me there and give your wisdom and general thoughts with regards on that page, I do appreciate it more than you know.

We all stumble in this life and I have my share of stumbling but have always been able to count on good friends to reach out and help me back up with unconditional love.. not only that, people tend to like telling other people what to do.. lol.

Be well, thank you for taking time to read this blog post and I hope you LIKE me and share you sites and wisdom with me there as well.  <3

I am a Pisces, a Moonchild.. and learning about my Witchful side. ;)

Snowy Impressions

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