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Words and spoken language - they are useful, yet may be regarded as symbols used in an attempt to explain.  In that sense, they may be seen as incomplete.  The living, vibrant spirit within each one of us speaks not it words, but is the essence of our being.  I once came close to the death of my earthly body and when I was in a "black out"  I had communication and the presence of my spirit guides and angels.  There is not space here to go into detail, but it was the most Real experience I ever had.  I notice from you, my sisters and brothers, that some have a very specific light or idea in much of your belief.  I have experienced and learned and will always continue to learn.   Years ago I came to the realization that belief or religion does not determine society - society determines religion or belief.  We are called to silence and openness.   

I wish to elaborate on "paths"  next time.   Blessings and Love to all of you.   

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